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Indiana Hawke Is One of Ethan Hawke’s Kids: She May Go Into Showbiz Too

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Indiana Hawke was famous even before she was born. This is because she is the daughter of the renowned actor Ethan Hawke and his wife, Ryan Shawhughes. 

Ethan Hawke with his wife Ryan
Ethan Hawke on the red carpet with his wife (Source: Pinterest)

Ethan Hawke is an American actor whose talent and hard work earned him several movie industry accolades, including four Academy Awards, two Golden Globe Awards, and a Tony Award. In his long-standing showbiz career, the actor has directed three feature films, three off-Broadway plays, and a documentary.

His wife, Ryan, also works as an actress and producer in Hollywood. Some of the projects she has produced include “First Reformed” and “Blaze.” She is the executive producer of the limited series “The Good Lord Bird,” which has won Peabody and Emmy awards. 

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Given such a vast mix of talent, it is no surprise that the kids the couple gave birth to share their passion for entertainment. One of them is Indiana Hawke.

Indiana Hawke Is Passionate About Music

Indiana Hawke was born in July 2011. She is the second child of Ethan and Ryan. Although she was born to famous parents, little is known about her.

However, reports show she seems passionate about music, like her father and older siblings. In 2020 during the pandemic, she demonstrated her love for music when she joined her dad and siblings in a sing-along.

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It was fun to experience, and it was pretty apparent that Indiana was very talented. Ethan shares a great bond with all his kids, and Indiana is no different. The actor rarely shares pictures of them on his social media, but the love between him and his girls is always undeniable whenever he does.

Indiana is one of the four kids Ethan has. Among the four kids, only Indiana and her sister Clementine are his biological children with Ryan. 

Clementine Jane Hawke was born in July 2008. In 2021, she joined the actor on camera as he presented the Montecito Award to Amanda Seyfried during the 36th Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

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Meet Indiana Hawke’s Other Siblings 

The other two children Ethan Hawke has are Maya Hawke and her brother Levon Roan Thurman-Hawke. Ethan shares both kids with his first wife, actress Uma Thurman. The pair were married between 1998 and 2005. 

Ethan Hawke posing with his daughter Maya
Ethan Hawke posing with his daughter Maya (Source: Pinterest)

Like her mom and dad, Maya is also an actress best known for her role as “Robin Buckley” on “Stranger Things.” She started acting in 2017 when she played Jo March in the “Little Women” film adaptation. 

Her performance greatly impressed many fans, but nobody was more pleased than Ethan. Speaking about the debut, he said

“She didn’t do a good job, she did a great job. To see your child thrive, and to see her thrive at a profession that you have a lot of respect for that I’ve dedicated my life to, I was so proud of her.”

The pair are close, and he influences her life as a person and actress. The same thing goes for his second oldest child Levon. Levon was born in January 2002. Like Maya, he also enjoys acting and is best known for his role in “The Crowded Room” alongside actors like Tom Holland and Emmy Rossum. 

He is also expected to feature in Zoe Kravitz’s directorial debut “Pussy Island.” Off the set, Levon enjoys attending fashion shows. He also shares a close bond with Ethan and has been known to participate in sporting events with him. The pair were pictured together at the NBA All-Star Game in 2015, where Ethan made Levon trade seats with him because he wanted to sit next to Rihanna.   

Fatherhood Changed Ethan Hawke

Ethan Hawke is one of the stars whose life changed after welcoming a child. 

Ethan Hawke with his two older kids
Ethan Hawke, Maya, and Levon (Source: Pinterest)

The proud dad has been candid about how becoming a father affected him. According to the talented star, they gave his life a new meaning. 

He said: “The wonderful thing about children is they need you daily. It gives your life balance. Meaning your whole life isn’t just about yourself.” 

In the past, the doting father has also praised fatherhood as “the greatest pleasure in my life” and said that if he were to fail at it, he would consider his life a failure. 

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