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How Fatherhood Changed Chris Brown

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Fans witnessed Chris Brown’s transformation from the much-troubled life to a life of tranquility. The star has no other than his kids to thank for the pleasant change

Many fans would agree that Chris Brown’s life in the 2000s and early 2010s birthed iconic hit songs and more than a fair share of scandals. The singer’s life was fraught with controversies and clashes with the law.

However, the climax of these tumultuous times immediately plummeted as though doused with water after Chris Brown’s ex-lover, Nia Guzman, made him a first-time dad. Check out how his daughter helped his transformation.

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How Royalty’s presence Led to a Change

The chronicles of Chris Brown’s woes reached its pinnacle after news got out that he battered his fellow music star and former lover, Rihanna. From there, he experienced episodes with the law.

There were also times he had to enroll in a rehabilitation center for anger issues and other vices. However, Chris ceased to be fodder for tabloids when Guzman became pregnant.

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Things become even more calmer when Royalty, Chris’ look-alike with a heart-shaped face, was born. The “Beautiful People” crooner once shared in an interview that Royalty taught him patience.

Speaking with Ryan Seacrest, Chris explained how he was getting along with co-parenting. He noted that he would usually have Royalty over at his place for two weeks, and his mom was always around to help him out.

The “With you” singer glossed over fatherhood, noting that the little things like enjoying playtime with Royalty mattered the most. He admitted at the time that he had difficulties balancing his work with being a dad, but he would not change anything.

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Royalty Became His Inspiration

Back in 2015, when the 33-years-old announced his seventh studio album, it was glaring that the little girl was his inspiration. Royalty, who was one at the time, had inspired her dad to put songs together, expressing his new self.

He described his daughter as the only one who would give him unconditional love and “teach me how to become a man.” Another time, when the “Say Goodbye” singer spoke of fatherhood, he shared that Royalty taught him humility.

Chris Becomes A Second-time Dad

Just when the Grammy-winning singer thought fatherhood could not get any sweeter, his son, Aeko Catori Brown, came right along! Chris realized that his heart was capable of expanding from more love.

He welcomed the little one in 2019 with his partner, Ammika Harris, and with the birth of a male child, Chris learned new things. An insider made it known that the star dad’s priority totally changed.

The insider noted that Chris plunged right into being a hands-on dad with Royalty, and it only got better with Aeko. he added that the singer became more mature as he started raising his kids.

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