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HomeNews“I Know the Data,” Mayorkas Admits Most Illegal Immigrants Enter the US

“I Know the Data,” Mayorkas Admits Most Illegal Immigrants Enter the US

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Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas
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Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas admitted in an interview that most of the illegal immigrants at the U.S. border get released into the country. This revelation happened while he was in an interview for Fox News’ Special Report with anchor Bret Baier. 

The anchor asked Mayorkas about Customs and Border Protection (CBP) sources who have told Fox News that they are releasing over 70% of migrants crossing every day. Surprisingly, Mayorkas agreed with this assertion.  

“It would not surprise me at all. I know the data,” Mayorkas said. “And I will tell you that when individuals are released, they are released into immigration enforcement proceedings. They are on alternatives to detention. And we have returned or removed a record number of individuals. We are enforcing the laws that Congress has passed. “

He also mentioned that the system is faulty, causing them to release “well more than a million” migrants into the U.S. annually. To him, it is up to Congress to provide resources such as funding and immigration reform to fix this system. 

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“When somebody enters the country, we place them in immigration enforcement proceedings pursuant to immigration law, and if their claim for relief, their claim to remain in the United States succeeds, then by law they are able to stay here,” he said.

Therefore, the agency has a limited detention capacity, causing them to release immigrants into the country very easily. The secretary faces a lot of pressure over the migration crisis and how the Biden administration handles it. America is experiencing one of the highest surges in immigration in history.

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In 2023, a record 2.4 million immigrants tried to get into the country. In December alone, there were over 302,000 encounters. Without a doubt, these numbers are incredibly high and have a significant impact on the country. 

States like Texas, New York, and Illinois are above their holding limits but are still getting migrants to date. The Biden administration is trying to tackle this problem by paying for deeper legislative reform and funding.

However, many Republicans are blaming the administration for its ‘softer’ policies. According to many of them, Biden’s administration is not as strict as former POTUS Donald Trump with its rules.  

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Therefore, illegal immigrants do not face serious repercussions when authorities catch them. Some also called for Mayorkas’ impeachment, and hearings to that effect are already ongoing. 

He emphasized that the system has a lot of faults, and there will only be progress if they fix it. “What is a magnet is the fact that the time in between an encounter of an individual at the border and their final ruling in their immigration case can sometimes take six or more years,” he said.

“That is a magnet, which is why precisely why I am working with Republicans and Democrats in the United States Senate to deliver a solution for the American people, to deliver a fix to an immigration system that everyone agrees is broken and that is long overdue.”

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