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How Michelle Obama Juggled Her Career and Motherhood

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Michelle Obama is a successful attorney and the former first lady of America. Michelle is also a mom, who through her life endeavors, juggled motherhood and the need to succeed in her career.

Harvard alum Michelle Obama wears so many hats, from an iconic scholar, attorney, to the former first lady of the United States. But above all of this, motherhood takes the topper.

There have been many times when Michelle expressed her love and fascination for motherhood. But it is worthy of note that her success as a mother came with its fair share of a quest to balance her career and motherhood.

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What It Entails to Be a Working Mom

From Michelle’s perspective, which many working moms would find highly relatable, mom-guilt took a large percent of juggling work and child care. Michelle once opened up about a time in her life when she was a new mother.

The best-selling author once went to an interview with her new baby in tow. She recalled going to her employer’s office ready for the interview while her daughter, Sasha, was in one arm.

Michelle made it known that Sasha was three months old then, and she could quite recall why she had to take her to work. The “Becoming” author knew that it was between not being able to find a nanny no not bothering to try.

Michelle echoed the age-long opinion that most moms share. She noted that becoming a parent would effect a change in one’s life. She shared that for her, motherhood changed her decision-making.

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Meghan Markle Motherhood Talk with Michelle

In a 2019 interview for British Vogue, Meghan Markle saw Michelle as one person she would have the motherhood talk with. And Michelle did not fail to deliver.

The public figure referred to motherhood as the masterclass to letting go. Michelle shared that she learned over time that there was only so much one could control.

She noted that she has learned to give her children space to develop into their true selves. Michelle shared that this was as opposed to wanting them to be a certain way.

Michelle’s Take on Motherhood

When Markle asked her if she would have raised her kids differently if she had boys, Michelle relayed that she learned to raise children the same way from being a child.

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She gave a case study of how her dad raised her and her brother. Michelle noted that her father once bought gloves for her brother to teach him how to box. He also purchased a pair for her too.

The “American Grown” author advised Markle and her spouse to enjoy their son’s early years, Archie, although it comes with a lot of stress. The star noted that there was “magic” when a baby joined a family, and it was ideal to savor it all!”

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