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Hannah Waddingham Graces SAG Awards Red Carpet with Cardboard Purse Made by Her 9-Year-Old

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A picture of Hannah Waddingham
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Hannah Waddingham graced the red carpet at the 2024 SAG Awards adorned with a special accessory: a purse crafted by her nine-year-old daughter, Kitty. The 49-year-old actor graced the red carpet at the awards show on February 24th.

She was nominated for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Comedy Series for her role in Ted Lasso. However, the award ultimately went to Ayo Edebiri for her role in The Bear.

For the occasion, Waddingham donned a sparkling maroon off-the-shoulder dress with a slit. Her blonde hair was elegantly curled, and her nails were painted nude. As for accessories, she wore a silver ring and bracelet.

However, she added a touch of personal charm to her glamorous ensemble with a more casual accessory: a cardboard purse made by her daughter, whom she shares with ex Gianluca Cugnetto.

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The cardboard bag featured colorful drawings and the word “epic” written across it. It had a rectangular shape with an opening on the top and a white paper handle. During Netflix’s red carpet pre-show of the event, Waddingham proudly showcased her bag before explaining that she was the one who wanted to bring it to the ceremony.

“My daughter wanted to contribute, so she made me a bag,” she said. “She said to me, ‘You know mommy, you don’t need to…you don’t need to take it.’ And I was like, ‘No, it’s going on the red carpet with me.’ Imagine, my stylist was like, ‘Wait what?’”

She went on to express how much she prioritizes being a mother, even in the midst of her busy career. “It’s the most important thing,” she said about having children. “This is all great, but this is the most important.”

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Speaking to Entertainment Tonight on the red carpet of the SAG Awards, Waddingham continued to showcase and praise the purse. She also specified that when Kitty created the purse, she was inspired by something the actor had told her.

“I love that she was just like, ‘It’s a little one love,’ and she said to me: ‘Mommy it goes with everything and nothing, just like you say,’” she explained about the purse. “That’s a well-trained baby right there.”

Throughout her career in Hollywood, Waddingham has spoken candidly about managing her time with her family. During an interview with Glamour UK in October, she opened up about why she waited until she turned 40 to become a mother.

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“I wanted to have a child when I was ready and to not resent that child for taking me away from my career,” she said. “I wanted the privilege of motherhood to work in tandem with my career, rather than me thinking, ‘God, you’re stopping me doing things…’ Because the greatest gift in the world is a child and they are complete, beautiful, green innocents.”

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She added that while it was important for her to be ready when she became a parent, being a “single mother in [her] forties is not easy”.

“I’m not going to lie, it’s quite exhausting,” the Game of Thrones star added. “One of the greatest acting jobs in my life is pretending I have energy for my daughter! Honestly, when she says to me, ‘Oh, let’s do this or let’s do that, mumma,’ my whole body goes, ‘Oh my God, really?’”

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