Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Greene Vows to Push for Speaker Mike Johnson’s Removal Vote

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GOP Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene has threatened Republican speaker Mike Johnson. According to Greene, Johnson has been siding with other Democrats and breaking rules crucial to passing legislation rather than keeping to his promise when he entered the office. 

Marjorie Taylor Greene
Source: Instagram/Marjorie Taylor Greene

Greene became more vocal about her decision to remove Johnson from the seat after some Democrats agreed to help him keep his job. In a news conference, Greene said she thinks it’s time for every Congress member to vote on whether Johnson should stay or leave. Sadly, this was the same strategy used to remove McCarthy from the seat last year.

What Johnson And Other Republicans Had To Say About Greene’s Decision

Unlike in Kevin McCarthy’s case, where many in the GOP supported his exit, there’s less support in Mike Johnson’s case. After Greene had declared her intentions, the Republican speaker responded by saying he wasn’t going to resign no matter what. He added that any vote to kick him out would bring up issues in the House GOP Conference. On the other hand, the majority of Republicans do not support Mike Johnson’s removal. They are trying to avoid the drama that happened in the House when Kevin McCarthy was voted out of the seat, especially with Donald Trump’s election coming up.

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Michael Johnsosn
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Despite the drama, Donald Trump supports Mike Johnson. In April, Johnson met Trump in Florida at the Mar-a-Lago club. His meeting aimed to gain the former president’s support, which he did. Just in time, the Republican National Committee, which Trump chose, met with the House Republicans. In the meeting, he asked them to pause any vote to kick Mike Johnson out and focus on the presidential elections.

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More Responses On The Removal Vote

It looks like Major Greene isn’t only upset that Mike Johnson didn’t keep his promises. She’s also upset that Mike Johnson supported the passing of the Ukraine aid bill. Greene was so angry that she kept calling Johnson out for 10 minutes. She didn’t just end there. When she had a conference, she placed a hat with the writing “Make Ukraine Great Again” on Johnson’s picture. Unfortunately, Greene’s attitude didn’t sit well with the Republicans, so they decided to air their views. “She had every right to do it, but it’s not the time,” Rep. Ralph Norman of South Carolina said.

Marjorie Taylor Greene
Source: Pinterest

Norman added, “Who’s in line to take over, who wants the job? And I really hate, you know, with all the problems we’re facing now – you see what’s going on at campuses – you know, we got an election coming up.” On the other hand, a New York Republican said that Taylor Greene just wants more attention. “The speaker acknowledges the reality that we live in and has been focused on conservative principles, acknowledging that we have to negotiate with another branch and another house that don’t see the world, all the issues the same way we do,” he added.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene Reacts To Donald Trump’s Support To Johnson

It looks like Taylor Greene has some things to say after discovering that Donald Trump supports Mike Johnson. She says she isn’t going to stop supporting Donald Trump because he approves of the House speaker.

Marjorie Taylor Greene
Source: Instagram/ Marjorie Taylor Greene

To her, her fight against Mike Johnson is a fight for Donald Trump’s success. Also, she isn’t sure if she’d like to be on the Republicans’ necks to vote on the matter if they don’t keep to the first date.

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Minority Leader Mitch McConnell Shares Thoughts On Johnson’s Removal Vote

When McConnell was asked if Mike Johnson should resign, he said,” No, of course not. I support Speaker Johnson, and I think he’s done a good job under extremely difficult circumstances.” The minority leader added, “I am relieved, as I think all of America is, that the chaos in the House will be discontinued.” Mitch McConnell made it known that he was pleased with the fact that people in the House didn’t pay much attention to the removal vote. Even the House Republicans saw the vote as a distraction from their priorities.

Mitch McConnell
Source: Pinterest

Rep. Andy Ogles believes that all they need to do is “rip off the Band-Aid, get it over and get it done, and move on.” However, some Democratic leaders have agreed to vote against Greene’s proposal when she brings it up, but there’s no guarantee that all Democratic leaders will follow their lead.

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