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Gabriella Giudice: Meet Teresa Giudice’s Second Eldest Daughter

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Parenthood has many rewards, and one of them includes checking off essential milestones in your kid’s life as they grow older. Gabriella Giudice recently achieved a milestone as she officially set off for her first year of college on August 22, 2023. 

However, before she left, her mother, Teresa Giudice, celebrated the recent milestone for her. According to what Teresa shared in an Instagram Story on August 21, Gabriella’s last night of the summer break was spent with her family, including her sisters, Gia Giudice, Milania Giudice, and Audriana Giudice.

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Teresa shared a video showing her the meal she prepared for the occasion. In the footage, she said, “I just made Gabriella her last dinner: chicken with spinach,” then turned the camera to the young lady and said: “Hi, Gabriella! Love you.”

Afterward, the group went out for ice cream as a family. Teresa was stuck with mixed feelings as she confronted the thought of her daughter leaving the nest. She said in another Instagram Story. “[Gabriella’s] leaving tomorrow. I’m sad.” 

This proves how much Teresa loves her kids and how special Gabriella Giudice is as the second eldest of her kids. Keep reading to learn more about Gabriella. 

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Gabriella Giudice with her mom Teresa
Gabriella Giudice with her mom Teresa. (Source: Pinterest)

Who Is Gabriella Giudice?

Gabriella Giudice is one of the four daughters her mother, Teresa, welcomed when she married her former husband, Joe Giudice. Gabriella’s siblings include Gia, Milania, and Audriana (oldest to youngest). 

Even though her parents are no longer married, they maintain a cordial relationship and are great co-parents. Gabriella has also remained close to her father, whom her sister, Gia, often calls her “twin.” 

When Gabriella was preparing for the next chapter of her life at the University of Michigan, she stopped in the Bahamas to visit her father, showing how close they are. It made him happy, and he took pictures immortalizing their moments together on the island. 

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In an Instagram post from June 30, Joe offered his fans a glimpse into his night in the Bahamas with Gabriella. In the post, Joe wore faded jeans, black loafers, and a button-down shirt and had his arm around his daughter.

Gabriella was dressed in a patterned blue dress with ruffles along its hem, and her hair was pulled back elegantly. Fans in the comments pointed out how much Joe and Gabriella look alike. Joe’s eldest daughter, Gia Giudice, wrote, “Twins.”

Where Is Gabriella Giudice Going to College?

Gabriella Giudice is currently a student at the University of Michigan. Teresa first shared the news about her college decision in March 2023 when she took to Instagram to share a stunning school photo of her. 

She wrote: “I loved you from the moment you opened your eyes. You are a joy, a wonderful daughter, a voice of reason, the greatest big sister.”

She continued: “You, Gabriella, will go on to do great things. You are so kind, inclusive, [and] organized! My mind soars with possibilities for you. Congrats my gorgeous girl[.] Michigan — WOW. I’m so proud of you — as my daughter but especially as a kick-ass human! I love you, Gabriella — today [and] all of my tomorrows!”

Gabriella’s dad, Joe, also congratulated her on social media. He wrote: “So proud of you, Gabriella[.] I know you can achieve anything in life. [S]o proud to be your Father. You make me look smart.”

Joe Giudice with Teresa Giudice
Joe Giudice with Teresa Giudice. (Source: Pinterest)

How Old Is Gabriella Giudice?

Gabriella Giudice was born in 2004, making her 19 as of 2023. 

What Does Gabriella Giudice Do for a Living?

Gabriella Giudice is known to be passionate about wedding planning, but she is still a novice and will require years of experience to become an expert. In the meantime, the gorgeous lady plans to make the most of her youth by attending university. 

It is currently unknown if Gabriella will do something different for money in the future. However, one thing is sure: whatever it will be, it will have nothing to do with her being before a camera. 

Teresa Giudice
Teresa Giudice. (Source: Pinterest)

Her mother, Teresa, has revealed that people rarely see Gabriella on camera because of her apathy for it. She said: “Gabriella doesn’t like the cameras. I really respect Gabriella for that; she doesn’t like to share everything, so when she does share – it’s important.”

People like Gabriella, born into fame, include Hailey Bieber, Paris Jackson, and Corinne Fox. 

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