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Ariana Anthony: Inside the Life of Marc Anthony’s Daughter

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Ariana Anthony is an actress and model. However, she is famous as the oldest child of Marc Anthony. Her father, Marc, is an American singer, songwriter, actor, and a top-selling tropical salsa artist.

In addition, he is a four-time Grammy Award and eight-time Latin Grammy Award winner. Due to Marc’s fame and success in the entertainment industry, his family has been under the media’s scrutiny, especially his oldest daughter, Ariana. 

However, despite having a famous father, Ariana Anthony steered clear of the limelight most of her life. She does not have a social media presence, and fans only glimpse the celebrity child when she makes rare appearances on her father’s and his former wife’s social media, with whom she is still close.

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Since Ariana lived most of her life behind the camera, most details about her remain a mystery to fans. Here’s a glimpse into her life.

A picture of Ariana Anthony and her famous father.
The famous singer and his oldest daughter, Ariana. (Source: Pinterest)

How Old Is Marc Anthony’s Daughter Ariana?

Ariana Anthony is 29 years old. She was born on June 29, 1994, to Marco Antonio Muniz, famous as Marc Anthony, and his former girlfriend, Debbie Rosado. Marc was 26 when his oldest daughter was born. 

In addition, he was an up-and-coming Latin artist of Puerto Rican descent, creating salsa-inspired music. Although she was born in the United States and holds American nationality, Ariana grew up in a Hispanic family of Puerto Rican ancestry, thanks to her parents. 

However, her parents separated a year after her birth, and she grew up with her mom. Afterward, Ariana’s father rose to fame. Following her father’s widespread success, Ariana’s parents found themselves in a legal battle in 2000 when Rosado asked for an increase in child support following Marc’s success and multi-million dollar net worth. Notably, Ariana was six years old at the time.

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A picture of Ariana Anthony and her father's ex-wife.
Ariana Anthony and her father’s ex-wife, Shannon De Lima. (Source: Instagram/@shadelima)

Who Is Debbie Rosado, Ariana Anthony’s Mother? 

Ariana’s mother, Debbie Rosado, is a New York police officer from Puerto Rico. While it is unknown how Ariana Anthony’s parents, Rosado and Marc, met, they began dating in 1993. Rosado and Marc welcomed their daughter, Ariana Anthony, one year into their relationship. Unfortunately, the birth of their daughter did not save their relationship. 

Ariana’s parents were in a relationship for about two years before they eventually went their separate ways in 1995. Five years after their separation, a legal battle ensued between the former couple over child support payment. However, the ex-duo have settled their differences and have maintained an excellent co-parenting relationship over the years. In addition, they are equally close to their kids.

Who Are Ariana Anthony’s Siblings?

Ariana Anthony has six younger siblings from her parents’ relationship and her father’s several marriages. Marc Anthony has seven kids from his three ex-wives and one ex-girlfriend. However, his marriage to Shannon De Lima, a notable model and actress, did not produce children. 

First is Chase Muñiz, Marc’s second child with Rosado. He was adopted in 1995, after the birth of Ariana, and is her only full sibling. Although their parents split a long time ago, Chase has a good relationship with both his parents. 

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Next is Christian Muñiz, Ariana Anthony’s first half-sibling. He was born on February 5, 2001, to Marc and his first wife, Puerto Rican actress and model Dayanara Torres. Although Torres and Marc tied the knot in 2000, they parted ways in 2004. 

After Christian comes Ryan Muñiz, Marc and Torres’ second son together. Ryan was born on August 16, 2003, and graduated from Woodland Hills Middle School in Los Angeles in 2017. 

Next is Emme Muñiz and her twin Maximilian Muñiz. The twins were born eleven minutes apart on February 22, 2008, to Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez. Like her mom, Emme has a passion for singing. However, Max loves acting, and he debuted in 2022 in Lopez’s film “Marry Me.”

Lastly is Marc Anthony’s newborn baby, whose name remains unknown. Marc and his wife, Nadia Ferreira, welcomed their first child together and the singer’s seventh on June 18, 2023, which also happened to be Father’s Day.

A picture of Ariana Anthony's half-siblings, her father, and her former step mom.
Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez, and Ariana’s half-siblings, Emme and Maximilian. (Source: Pinterest)

What Does Ariana Anthony Do for a Living?

Like most celebrity kids, Ariana Anthony followed in her father’s footsteps and pursued an entertainment career. The 29-year-old celebrity child is an actress who has appeared in films and TV shows.

The stunning actress appeared in “South Beach” (2006) as Lola and “Alguien te Mira” (2010) as Maria Jesus Penafiel Morande. Aside from her movie appearances, Ariana also makes rare appearances with her father at his red carpet events.

Is Ariana Anthony Dating?

No, she is not. Like most details about her, Ariana Anthony has been able to keep her love life away from the media. The renowned singer’s oldest daughter has never appeared with anyone and has not revealed details about past relationships. Consequently, it is unknown whether Ariana Anthony is dating anyone or not.

A picture of Ariana Anthony's father.
The famous singer and actor Marc Anthony. (Source: Pinterest)

What Is Ariana Anthony’s Net Worth?

Due to her cagey lifestyle, the precise amount of Ariana Anthony’s net worth remains unknown. On the other hand, her father, Marc Anthony, has an estimated net worth of $80 million. He has earned such a tremendous figure from his illustrious music and acting career. 

Consequently, as the oldest child of one of the most successful musicians, Ariana Anthony enjoys a lavish life. Like Ariana Anthony, another celebrity kid that has garnered the attention of fans and the media alike is the legendary actor Al Pacino’s daughter, Olivia Pacino.

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