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Four Sizzling Hot Nicki Minaj Looks

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Nicki Minaj dropping mouth-watering bikini looks is as iconic as her raps. Below are four times she sent tongues wagging with her sizzling looks.

Whether she decides to present a fiery style in a music video or go sophisticated on red carpets, Nicki Minaj keeps the fashion steamy hot. The “Queen of Rap” never disappoints and has kept her colleagues on their toes with her music and fashion statements.

Nicki Minaj Bikini
Image: Pinterest

Since her musical career took off, Nicki has successfully built herself into a worldwide brand. The rapper’s style of music is unique, and she is a master at succeeding in different genres. However, just like her music, she has also built a movement among the top fashion creatives in Hollywood.

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Nicki’s unique style sets her apart from the crowd in the industry and the world at large. Her colourful wigs and outfits first distinguished her when she entered the music scene. However, the rapper’s love for rocking intensely hued clothes is incomparable to any other. 

For every music video, fans have learnt to watch out for Nicki’s standout outfits. From sexy latex pants to fishnets and see-throughs, she has donned them all. However, one piece of clothing that Nicki favours overall is a bikini.

Nicki’s curvy and thick physique are qualities she doesn’t shy away from showing off, and a bikini is just the right piece of clothing to bring that out in full view. From top-rated music videos to thirst trap Instagram clips, Nicki loves donning a bikini. Here are four times she made heads turn in a bikini.

Bikini-Clad Rapper Stuns In Starships Music Video

In 2012 Nicki was at the height of her fame. She had just released an album, “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded – The Re-Up,” and in it was the song “Starships.” So naturally, the fan-favourite track needed a befitting video, and as always, Nicki delivered.

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After teasing fans for a while, the rapper eventually released the music video. To date, the “Starships” video features among the best of all Nicki’s video projects, winning the MTV Video Music Award for Best Female Video. Nicki took to Hawaii to record the music video, which featured her wriggling in the sand donning a sexy bikini.

Nicki sent tongues wagging in two different electric bikini looks that showed off her stunning hourglass body. The curvaceous rapper styled the first bikini with a light purple hues wig, displaying her banging figure energetically on the beach. The colourful bikini with cutouts consisted of a white and black top with a stylish cup cut. The pink cutout straps ran through her neck, across her bosom and belly, and then connected to the sleek bikini bottom. 

The second bikini look, however, strikes more attention than the first- according to the majority of fans’ comments. Nicki dished a tiny two-piece plain pink bikini, putting her sexy body elegantly on the camera. The bikini comprised a top that protected her bosoms, her cleavage in full view, and a bottom that firmly clung to her toned waist.

The pop star completed the look with a lemon-green wig, giving a mind-blowing, sexy style notion. However, Nicki’s sensuous appeal left fans wanting more as she playfully swung her waist and flaunted her hot body throughout the video.

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Nicki Minaj’s Pregnancy Reveal In a Bikini 

Everything Nicki Minaj does is with style, and in 2020, the rapper broke the internet when she announced her pregnancy. As always, Nicki took to her Instagram to share the news with a bikini picture she captioned “#Preggers.” 

The rapper donned an ornate bikini while holding her baby bump. The two-piece matching pink bikini featured a heavily embellished, floral-covered top and plain tie-side bottom. Her enigmatic outfit gave room for light to reflex on her bare and protruded belly.

Nicki also wore layered necklaces and body chains over her crystal-covered top. She completed the look with pearl-studded platform Lucite heels. The rapper also wore a bright yellow curly wig for the shoot. In another picture, she wore a blue wig, thigh-high stockings, and a candy-colored two-piece covered in ribbons and beaded tassels. 

Nicki Minaj’s Iconic Anaconda Bikini Look

In 2014 weeks before she released the actual video, Nicki teased the release of her music video “Anaconda” with a steamy bikini picture. Creating a buzz came easy for the lyricist because anything she dropped made the headlines.

Unknown to many, the sexy picture had set the stage for what was to come in the video. Featured on the eye-popping song cover was the striking seductive pose of the artist in a G-String bikini. She graciously posed, backing the camera in a squat position, and slightly turned her head for the camera. 

When Nicki eventually released the music video to the song, it broke the internet. The video became the most-watched clip on Youtube in 24 hours, racking up 19.6 million views. The 4:50 minutes video highlights the rapper in a couple of jaw-dropping, sensational outfits, and one of them includes a nicely-strapped pink bikini.

Although Nicki had teased the outfit on the cover, watching her don in the video was different. The rapper showed off her stunning body in the bikini while holding two dumbbells and rapping seductively. The video dominated news pages and headlines multiple days after its release.

Super-Freaky-Girl Teaser

Nicki spent the first half of 2022 releasing multiple songs with different artists. However, in August, the rapper surprised her fans by teasing a new song, “Super Freaky Girl.” To do this, Nicki took to her Instagram, sharing a clip of herself vibing to the song.

In the clip, Nicki wore a tiny white bikini with a cherry pattern. The tiny top could not conceal her chubby bust, and the bottom prettily sat between her legs. She spiced up her look with her full curly pink wig, nails, and lipstick- which all matched FREAKY!

The rapper’s fans didn’t hesitate to shower her with praise and love in the comment section. Within a couple of hours, the post garnered thousands of engagements- with her fans eagerly begging for some more.

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