Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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FBI Arrests Self-Touted Militia Sniper Planning to Attack People at the Southern Border

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A militia kit complete with a rifle
Source: dasdank_/Reddit

Federal Bureau investigators have arrested a man who tried to sell an unregistered AK-47 suppressor to an undercover agent. That sole act revealed a string of some other crimes that the illegal gun seller was about to commit. 

His name is Paul Faye Sr., a man who unknowingly snitched on himself about his illegal gun trade. Unfortunately for Faye, the charges that the FBI is raising against it will include terrorism. Why? A search of Faye’s shelter reveals that he was planning to attack the southern borders to eliminate incoming migrants. 

The FBI made an astounding revelation during a crackdown on Faye’s property. He was not just a small-time dealer in unregistered suppressors but, in fact, had a notable stash of weapons. 

So, the FBI filed a criminal complaint against Faye on February 2. The complaint accuses Faye of violating the National Firearm Act because he was in possession of an unregistered silencer. 

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At the onset, Faye and an undercover agent only communicated via social media. The agent reached out to Faye, claiming to need a weapon, and they started a back-and-forth. During this interaction, information about eliminating migrants at the border came up. 

However, since the FBI agent was unwilling to blow his cover, he played along and allowed Faye to reveal his true intent. The duo afterward developed an offline acquaintanceship, so much so that in January, Faye invited the secret agent to see his “war room” and a stash of weapons. 

The first interaction between Faye and the agent was sometime last year when the agent reached out to the suspect via TikTok. After exchanging numbers, the duo started having occasional physical interactions. Sometimes, the agent would meet Faye alone and occasionally in the company of other undercover agents. 

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During one of such meetings in April, Faye suggested that the Biden administration is intentionally allowing migrants through the southern borders. Furthermore, he mentioned that the government has a motive for doing that, though he did not clarify. During another meeting in December, Faye confided in one of the undercover agents that he was in the process of rallying militia groups from Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, and North Carolina. 

During that meeting, Faye shared a graphic description of how he would mobilize militia members to the southern borders and “drop” migrants one after the other. 

Faye even gave details about the type of weapon he would use during the attack. He said, “I’ll be the first one on the scene and the last one to leave. I would be on top of that roof right there, zeroing out, taking out anybody.” 

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Explosives were one of the weapons Faye and his militia planned to use during the border invasion. The undercover agents could connote this from some statements he made about his intent to “stir up the hornet’s nest.” 

To substantiate Faye’s claims, two of the undercover agents visited his home in January and convinced him to show them his stash of weapons. Indeed, Faye’s armory contained several rifles and shotguns. So, having obtained enough evidence to indict Faye, the FBI went to him and got him arrested. 

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