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Fans Boo US Women’s Soccer Star at Atlanta Game

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Korbin Albert
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When Korbin Albert stepped onto the field during Saturday’s game in Atlanta, some fans didn’t hold back—they booed. Albert, who is a rising star in U.S. women’s soccer, joined the match against Japan in the 78th minute, only to be met with a chorus of boos from the crowd.

This came as a result of Albert’s recent social media activity, where she was criticized for sharing a video that was viewed as anti-transgender and LGBTQ+. In the video, originally posted by a church, a sermon condemned homosexuality and transgender identity.

Albert also liked a post on Instagram thanking God for “taking time off performing miracles to make sure Megan Rapinoe sprains her ankle in her final ever game.” Rapinoe, alongside being one of the star soccer players of all time, is also a member of and vocal advocate for the LGBTQ+ community.

Rapinoe condemned Albert’s comments without naming the 20-year-old, writing in an Instagram post: “For people who want to hide behind ‘my beliefs,’ I would just ask one question, are you making any type of space safer, more inclusive, more whole, any semblance of better, bringing the best out of anyone?”

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“Because if you aren’t, all you believe in his hate. And kids are literally killing themselves because of this hate. Wake, TF up!” Rapinoe wrote, signing the message with “yours truly, #15,” the number Rapinoe wore before her retirement and which Albert wears now.

Albert has acknowledged her mistake. She has apologized for her actions on social media. “I want to sincerely apologize for my actions on social media. Liking and sharing posts that are offensive, insensitive and hurtful was immature and disrespectful which was never my intent,” she said.

“I wish I could take full responsibility for what I did on social media. “It was immature and disrespectful of me to like and share posts that were hurtful, offensive, and insensitive,” she said. “I’m really disappointed in myself and am deeply sorry for the hurt that I have caused to my teammates, other players, fans, friends and anyone who was offended. 

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Expressing her regret, Albert emphasized that she is actually committed to being inclusive and respectful of all individuals.

“I truly believe that everyone should feel safe and respected everywhere and on all playing fields,” she continued. “I know my actions have not lived up to that and for that I sincerely apologize. It’s an honor and a privilege to get to play this sport on the world stage and I promise to do better.”

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She has recognized the impact of her behavior on various groups, including her teammates, fellow players, fans, and friends. Albert promised everyone that she’d do better.

Despite the controversy surrounding Albert, the U.S. women’s team emerged victorious, defeating Japan 2-1 in the SheBelievesCup on Saturday.

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