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Everything You Need To Know About Terry Crews’ Wife and Kids

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Terry Crews’ wife and kids have remained one of the most essential parts of the famous comedian’s life. Here are some details about them. 

Terry Crews and his wife Rebecca have become one of Hollywood’s longest-married couples since they tied the knot in 1989. The couple’s  33 years of marriage and counting is an enviable achievement for most of their colleagues in Hollywood. However, Terry and Rebbeca’s love story started when they met in college in the 1980s. 

Terry Crews' wife and kids
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Terry played football for Western Michigan University while Rebecca studied Theatre arts and music. Although they started as friends, they grew fond of each other, leading to a romantic relationship. Regarding the early stages of their relationship, Rebecca noted that Terry almost got stuck in the friend zone.

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Terry and Rebecca said their “I do’s” on July 29, 1989, and the couple welcomed their first child a couple of months after their union. Shortly after that, Terry got into NFL at Los Angeles Rams. The duo’s marriage is not the typical type for the spotlight; however, like all couples, they had to overcome their fair share of challenges.   

Still, for Terry, family comes first in every situation, and he has always loved a large family, which is what he has. To date, Terry and Rebecca’s love for one another has continued to grow stronger. The couple is parents to five kids;  Naomi, Azriel, Tera, Wynfrey, and Isaiah.

Although they have their kids, the couple revealed their interest in adopting a sixth child during an interview in 2016. First, however, here is some information about the couple’s kids.

Naomi Burton-Crews

Naomi is the eldest child of the crew’s family and was born before Terry and Rebecca met. Terry became after her stepfather after marrying Rebecca; the two have remained very close. Although the 33-year-old daughter of America’s Got Talent host has lived away from the camera, she appeared on “The Family Crews” with the rest of her family from 2010 to 2011.

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Following her stepfather’s footsteps, she is currently a TV reality star and mom to a child of her own, Miley Crews. In July 2010, Miley made her red carpet debut when the youngster appeared with her grandparents for an event. Although Terry and Rebecca are delighted to be grandparents, the latter doesn’t want Miles to call her “Grandma.” Instead, Rebbecca would prefer her granddaughter call her “Glam-ma.”

Azriel Crews

According to reports, Azriel is Terry and Rebecca’s first daughter, born a few months after they tied the knot. Azriel found her career path early, following in her father’s footsteps by becoming an actor.  Due to her career, Azriel is one of the most famous of her siblings. In 2019 she starred in the series “I Ship It,” and then in 2020 played the character Cricket in “Katy Keene.” 

Besides being an actress, Azriel is also a great singer and writer. She also has a close relationship with her father, Terry. However, despite being more famous than her siblings, Azriel doesn’t have a vast social media presence like most of her siblings.  

Tera & Wynfrey Crews

Tera is Terry’s third daughter, born in 1999. One could effortlessly tell the father-daughter connection between them because the beautiful young woman looks just like Terry. Although Tera has managed to stay off the spotlight, her unique fashion choice never goes unnoticed, which is evident in her frequent Instagram posts.

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Based on her Instagram bio description, Tera identified herself as an actress, like her father, and a singer, like her mother. Meanwhile, Terry’s youngest daughter, Wynfrey Crews, was born in 1999. Despite her love for photography and posting lovely pictures for fans to gush over, the 23-year-old beauty appreciates spending quality time with family and friends. 

Isaiah Crews

As for Isaiah Crews, he enjoys the privilege of being the only man in the family apart from his superstar dad, Terry. The 18-year-old guy was born in 2004, securing his place as the last born among his siblings. Wynfrey, however, needs no introduction before one figures out the great relationship he has with his dad. Like Terra, the adorable young man looks so much like Terry.

Meanwhile, Isaiah has proven his acting skills to the world since he starred in a Nickelodeon comedy series, “Side Hustle,” in 2020. The young comedian also blesses his train of TikTok followers with hilarious videos. Currently, Isaiah is the most famous of Terry Crews’ kids.

Family’s Struggles

Like most couples, Terry and Rebecca have gone through their fair share of relationship troubles. The couple bared it all in their audiobook memoir, “Stronger Together,” released in 2021. They shared how often they conquered the problems that threatened to pull them apart. 

Rebecca, in the audio, disclosed how Terry changed from a man she used to know to a different person. The mother of five shared how Terry almost ruined their union with frequent infidelity, the 2018 sexual assault lawsuit, and porn addiction. With their relationship at the brick of sinking, Terry promised to fix himself by attending rehab and through personal discipline and meditation.

However, a factor that keeps saving their marriage is Terry’s ownership of his wrongs, transparency, and willingness to fix things. Still, the couple has overcome many issues that would have ended in divorce for many, and they continue to do so as their relationship gets stronger as the years roll by.

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