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Everything You Need To Know About Marc Chalamet, Timothee Chalamet’s Father

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Marc Chalamet would be living a quiet life if he had never created the family he has now. Marc rose to fame following his son, Timothee Chalamet’s popularity growth. Towards the end of 2022, Timothee shared a picture on Instagram that captured himself smiling beside his father in the desert. 

The picture showed the pair throwing up a peace sign, and the actor revealed in his caption that he had just wrapped up filming for the much-anticipated “Dune 2.” The post had many of his fans curious about Marc. Many have been interested in meeting his birth father since they’ve seen him be a son to several on-screen ones. 

So who is Marc Chalamet? 

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Marc Chalamet Background

Marc Chalamet is Timothee Chalamet’s father. While he is no famous actor, Marc has made a name for himself in other areas, including journalism. 

Marc Chalamet with his son Timothee
Marc Chalamet with his son Timothee (Source: Pinterest)

Marc is a French journalist who resides in New York with his family. His career kicked off at Associated Press in Paris before he was transferred to the Big Apple. Afterward, he founded a news agency called News of America. It specializes in coverage of the US for the French-language press, according to his LinkedIn profile. 

Marc Chalamet has enjoyed an extensive career in journalism, having written for magazines like  Télérama, Voici, VSD, and L’Équipe. He has also worked for Radio Canada, Europe 2, and the BBC French Service. 

Aside from his work as a journalist, Marc has also worked for UNICEF as editor in charge of French publications at the agency’s headquarters and regional offices. Marc is a correspondent for Le Parisien in France and a freelance editor, writer, and translator for UNICEF, UNDP, UNFP, and other United Nations agencies.

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Who Is Marc Chalamet’s Wife? 

Marc is married to Nicole Flender, with whom he welcomed Timothee and his sister, Pauline Chalamet. Flender was raised in an artistic family on the Upper West Side in Manhattan and was trained as a ballet dancer. Her father was Harold Flender, an author and screenwriter whose book “Paris Blues” was adapted into a movie.

Her mother, Enid Flender, was a Broadway dancer, influencing her kids in the performing arts. She was the one who eventually encouraged her children to pursue careers in similar environments. Flender chose Broadway, lived the life, and has now passed on her performing genes to her kids, who are currently pursuing careers in acting. 

Flender said in an interview: “I took them to see many different plays and musicals when they were growing up, and I think seeing certain performances influenced them.” She is a loving wife and supportive mother and enjoys sharing fun memories of her family on her Instagram page. 

Timothee Chalamet with his mother Nicole Flender
Timothee Chalamet with his mother, Nicole Flender. (Source: Pinterest)

What Does Marc Chalamet’s Daughter Do? 

Aside from Timothee, Marc and Flender are proud parents of a daughter named Pauline Chalamet. She is also an actress. Some of her projects include “The Sex Lives of College Girls” and “The King of Staten Island,” where she acted alongside comedian Pete Davidson. It was also her debut role. 

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Her performance in “The Sex Lives of College Girls” made her more popular, and many call Kimberly her cool and sheltered breakout role. Fans have praised Pauline’s acting ever since, with many claiming it was reminiscent of her brother’s. 

Pauline does not have as many acting credits as her brother Timothee because she is relatively new to the scene, but Flender is proud of her achievements. 

The proud mom once said about her children’s careers: “My kids have taken off so far in their careers. I mean, my career was mainly in musical theater, so it was doing Broadway shows, but what they’ve attained is really stardom.” 

What Nationality Are Timothee Chalamet’s Parents?

Marc Chalamet is French, while his wife Nicole Flender was born in the US, making their kids French-American. Timothee speaks French fluently and has shown his language skills in several interviews. Once, he went viral for complimenting his “Dune” cast member Zendaya in French.

Timothee Chalamet
Timothee Chalamet (Source: Pinterest)

Timothee said (translated from French): “I’ll say it in French so she won’t correct me immediately. She’s one of the best actresses of my generation. I was lucky to work with some of the strongest… and it’s the same experience with Zendaya on this. I’m not the first one to say this.”

Timothee is grateful for his parents and what he learned from them. He once claimed his father, Marc Chalamet, gave him his ability to listen while his mom gave him the desire to be seen. With such a great blend of talent, fans can’t wait to see Timothee in more movies putting them to good use.

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