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Elsa Pataky was Engaged to Adrien Brody Before Marrying Chris Hemsworth

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Actress Elsa Pataky has sustained a beautiful romance with Chris Hemsworth since their marriage in 2010. Before finding love in Hemsworth, the 44-year-old was engaged to actor Adrien Brody.

Elsa Pataky is a Spanish model and actress, renowned for her role on “Fast And Furious” as Elena Neves. Currently married to Hollywood legend, Chris Hemsworth, the 44-year old’s romantic life has played out in the public eye, just like her career.

Pataky and Hemsworth have been together for over ten years, all the while, proving themselves as the ultimate sweethearts. Together, Elsa Pataky and her husband are parents to three kids, further strengthening their familial bond.

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However, these Hollywood sweethearts almost didn’t become a couple, as the “Snakes On A Plane” star nearly became Adrien Brody’s wife. As fate would have it, Pataky and Brody called it quits before making it to the altar. Shortly after their breakup, the actress crossed paths with Hemsworth and the rest is history!


Elsa Pataky and Adrien Brody began dating in April 2006 and nurtured their romance as two lovebirds. As their relationship progressed, Pataky and Brody grew even closer, so much that the actor bought the actress a castle in upstate New York, for her birthday.

Adrian Brody and Elsa Pataky | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

In 2008, the couple became engaged and they seemed more in love than ever. However, rumors swirled that while Brody wanted to legally settle down with Pataky, the actress was not ready to walk down the aisle just yet.

By implication, the twosome split in 2009, without officially announcing their breakup.

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Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky’s romance is the stuff fairy tales are made of. Shortly after splitting from Brody, the Spanish model kicked off her relationship with the “Thor” star.

The two met in early 2010 and began dating by September that year. After going public with their romance, Hemsworth gushed about Pataky, describing her as fun, outgoing, with a passionate attitude toward life despite being seven years his junior.

Barely three months after their engagement, the twosome tied the knot in an intimate ceremony in Australia, Hemsworth’s native. Their marriage came less than ten months after kicking off their romance.

By May 2012, the lovebirds became first-time parents, welcoming their daughter, India. Two years later, the duo welcomed twin boys, Tristan and Sasha, completing their beautiful family of five.

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The Hollywood power couple never fails to come off as the ultimate sweethearts on the red carpets and in public. Yet, their marriage is not always a smooth ride.

The 44-year-old once opened up about her life as a wife to one of the sexiest men on the planet. In an interview, she acknowledged how funny it was to have people think of them as the perfect couple. Going further, the mother of three noted that their relationship has been plagued with ups and downs.

What made it work over the years has been their dedication to keep working on it no matter how tough it gets. Seeing the positives in every situation has admittedly kept them going strong to date.


While the couple has no road map guiding the decade-long success of their marriage, body language experts have over time, analyzed some of their body languages, and how it has helped sustain their relationship.

Studying an Instagram photo of Chris Hemsworth deep asleep beside his wife, with his hand right above his head, experts concluded the actor trusted Pataky to let his guard down around her. The pose, seemingly represented a non-defensive position, hence, a tell-tale sign of how safe he felt with his wife.

Another deduction body language experts have made over the years from the couple’s photos is that Pataky felt possessive of her beau. This is backed by numerous shots of the actress posing with her hand on his chest.

Additionally, while Pataky seems to enjoy PDA, Hemsworth does not seem too comfortable with it. This conclusion links back to the 37-year-old’s uneasy positions in some pictures of them displaying PDA on the red carpets.

Body language experts have also concluded the two were good friends, loved each other affectionately, and were committed to having fun together.


For Elsa Pataky, giving in her best in movies and dominating her scenes came seamlessly. However, motherhood proved to be a tough pill to swallow, especially during her first brush with the experience.

During an interview, the model opened up about how much she struggled to come to terms with motherhood. The actress admitted to feeling lost after welcoming her first child, as life as a working mom turned out more daunting than she anticipated.

Admittedly, the star always expected to keep up with her professional life as usual post-motherhood. It took her a first-hand experience to realize her career ambitions had to undergo some changes to fit in with her kids’ life. And accepting those changes proved even more challenging.

Gladly, the mother-of-three eventually got the hang of it and has remained a caring mom to her kids without falling short on her wifely duties to Hemsworth. Who wouldn’t want to be Elsa Pataky?

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