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Dog Who Failed Police Academy Becomes Star of Taiwan Quake

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Roger, The dog atop someEarthquake debris
Source: Reddit

In the wake of a powerful earthquake that has been shaking Taiwan, rescue efforts got better with the help of our little four-legged heroes. Among them was Roger, an 8-year-old Labrador Retriever whose wagging tail and playful demeanor stole the show.

The tremor, a 7.4 magnitude quake, struck Taiwan’s eastern coast, leaving destruction in its wake. Landslides and collapsed buildings created chaos, and amid the rubble, Roger embarked on his mission.

Born into a world of training for drug detection, Roger’s exuberance for life proved too much for the serious task at hand. His love for fun, food, and people overshadowed his ability to focus on sniffing out narcotics.

But Roger’s story took a turn when he found his calling as a rescue dog. With so much energy and intelligence, he was a perfect fit for the job. His first big moment came during the recent quake, where he helped locate the body of a young woman amidst the debris of Taroko National Park.

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Chen Chih-san, captain of the rescue dog unit of the Kaohsiung Fire Department, highlighted Roger’s journey. He told reporters that Roger was transferred to the rescue training school when he was 1 year old. He explained how Roger’s restless nature, which hindered his success as a narcotics detective, became an asset in the world of rescue operations.

“I’m not saying he was not good or that he didn’t get along with others. But the requirement for narcotic detection dogs is that they can’t be too restless and independent,” Chen said.

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As Roger went through the damaged trails, his enthusiasm was visible. During a media interview, he couldn’t resist the urge to play, hopping at a reporter’s microphone with his tail wagging. His charm and spirit captured the hearts of a nation trying to sort itself out emotionally and structurally in the aftermath of disaster.

Social media erupted with so much love for the strong dog and his fellow canine companions. They were called heroes, bringing warmth and hope amidst the chaos. Roger, in particular, became a symbol of resilience and courage.

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Despite his growing list of accomplishments, Roger draws closer to his dog’s age of retirement. The Kaohsiung Fire Department, his home base, has a policy of retiring rescue dogs at the age of 9. However, Roger’s legacy will stay, his bravery has been engrained into Taiwan’s history.

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Roger’s journey from a playful pup to a rescue veteran is proof of the power of second chances. His story reminds us that sometimes, our greatest strengths lie in the very traits that set us apart. In Roger’s case, it’s his restless spirit and boundless love that makes him a true hero.

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