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Do You Know What Those Little Black Dots on Your Windshield Are For?

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A picture of the black dot on the windshield
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Have you ever looked out of your car window and noticed those tiny black dots scattered around the edges of the windshield? You might have questioned their purpose or wondered if they are just decoration. As we explore the exciting field of windshield technology, be ready to have the mystery solved.

There’s a purpose for those black dots and their surrounding black rims, and it’s not to defog the glass. It has to do with how automobile windows are manufactured. In place of metal trim, automakers used glue to hold windows in place throughout the 1950s and 1960s. Although functional, it lacked visual appeal. 

So, what exactly are those little black dots? Well, they’re called frit, and they are not just any ordinary paint. Frit is a specially formulated ceramic paint that’s applied to the edges of the windshield during the manufacturing process.

The main purpose of frit is to shield against the sun’s damaging UV radiation, as the glue holding the windshield is vulnerable to it. Consequently, repeated exposure to it can harm the glue, resulting in failure, leaking, or breaking from the windshield.

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This is not something you would want to happen to you, especially while driving down the highway. The frit keeps your windshield firmly in place by protecting the adhesive from UV rays.

Additionally, frit can be aesthetically pleasing. These black dots give the windshield a stylish look by fitting its edges with the surrounding frame. It gives a similar feeling as when you put a picture into a beautiful frame.

And here’s another appealing feature about frit: It creates a rough surface for the glue to attach to. This rough surface creates a stronger bond between the windshield and the car’s frame, ensuring your windshield stays on. 

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It can be described as giving your windshield an extra layer of security. Additionally, the black color of the frit helps in reducing the flare from the sun, improving your vision while driving. 

You might not need to change your windshield if all the black spots have worn off. However, there are a few signs that tell you it’s time for a replacement. Firstly, if the glass has a crack, it should be changed or fixed as soon as possible.

If the crack is affecting your vision, has spread to over half of your windshield, or touches the outer edge, it’s time to change it. Additional signs include a white haze forming at the edge, which is caused by snow, hailstones, or other debris.

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Now you know that those little black dots aren’t just there for show. They’re actually there to make your driving experience safer and more enjoyable.

So, the next time you’re stuck in traffic or driving down the road, take a little time to appreciate those little black dots on your windshield. They might be small, but they are there to help keep you safe on the road.

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