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Did Issa Rae Undergo Surgery to Lose Weight? Everything We Know About Her Weight Transformation

For Issa Rae, fortune and stardom seemingly came at the expense of her dream body, but her desire to reclaim her trim physique prompted her to lose weight.

Issa Rae’s journey to stardom began with her appearance on her self-anchored YouTube series “The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl.”

As the series gained traction, she became increasingly popular, setting her up for more opportunities in the industry. She soon snagged a spot on the series, “Insecure,” further boosting her fame. However, with her growing fame came a noticeable increase in her size and weight.

Thankfully, before her weight gain blew out of proportion Issa Rae embarked on a weight loss journey, which eventually paid off.

Her stunning transformation in the last decade has left many wondering how she managed to effectively shed the weight right under everyone’s noses.

Here we discuss everything Issa Rae did to lose weight, from her diet plan to workout regimen, and the additional benefit she reaped as a result.

Did Issa Rae Undergo Surgery To Lose Weight?

While her weight transformation is surprising, Issa Rae has never admitted to undergoing surgery to lose weight. Rather, her remarkable transformation was a result of her determination and hard work.

According to the actress, her weight loss came about through consistent daily exercise, hitting the gym, and following a healthy diet plan.

Issa Rae Gained The Extra Pounds After Fame

The YouTube sensation has been open about her weight journey, and how she put on the extra pound in the first place.

Fans of the icon noticed her transformation during her time on the hit HBO series “Insecure,” and the glaring differences in her attributes during initial seasons and later seasons.

However, the process began long before that. Issa Rae began gaining extra pounds after her web series became popular and began earning her money.

She once admitted to being broke when the series first began airing. However, as the show gained traction, the star found herself suddenly able to afford everything she craved.

Indulging in those cravings contributed to the shift in her body size. Rae described this transformation as “gaining money weight.”

But as her fame and fortune increased, so did her size. The idol received her wake-up call after seeing herself on television one fateful day. Unable to recognize the less-than-impressive person onscreen, she resolved to change things for good.

Rae’s Struggle To Lose Weight

Issa Rae’s initial struggles to lose weight did not exactly pay off. That mostly resulted from her inability to make out time to keep up with her exercise routine.

Additionally, Rae, a self-acclaimed vegetarian, could barely muster the discipline required to eat right at all times. She once recalled her fruitless struggles, saying she always relapsed after a spurt of “working out and trying to be good.”

Notably, each time she fell off, she would decide to put off her weight loss plan until the next year. This cycle continued for years until she discovered the holy grail of fitness.

How Did Issa Rae Lose Weight?

After her long fruitless struggle with weight loss, Issa Ray finally discovered a way around her plight. First, she came up with the ideal workout regimen to fit into her schedule while keeping her in shape.

It involved waking up at 4:45 a.m. each day to work out. Her sessions usually involved alternating between walking and jogging through her neighborhood in circles for one hour each day.

Staying in a neighborhood with numerous hills, working out usually meant walking up hills, which made the routine more grueling. Yet, she endeavored to observe those sessions every morning, knowing it helped.

She Adopted A New Diet Plan

In addition to creating time for exercising, Issa Rae switched to a Paleo diet. Opting for paleo-leaning after fifteen years of adhering to a vegetarian diet represented a big change in the star’s life.

Yet, she remained determined to see it through. The diet plan entailed sticking to high protein dishes and fewer carbs.

Notably, Rae has discovered an inner peace since embracing her new approach to weight loss. Aside from the amazing results in her physical appearance, the 34-year-old discovered the calming effect of nature.

She recalled losing her earbud once while jogging, forcing her to complete the remaining miles alone with her thoughts. Doing so proved beneficial to her mental well-being and creativity.  She has since stuck to jogging without the earbuds.

How Much Does She Weigh Now?

Years after confronting her weight struggles, Issa Rae has managed to shed the extra pounds and attain her dream body. She now maintains her weight at 60kg, which complements her height perfectly.

So how Tall Is Issa Rae? Issa Rae stands at 171 cm, a height that has remained pretty much the same throughout her career.

After a successful weight transformation and attaining her body fitness goals, the star finally felt ready to scale an important milestone in her life.

In 2021, she tied the knot with her long-time beau Louis Diame in a private ceremony. The couple marked their engagement two years prior, having scaled through their toughest moments together.

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