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Court Allows Sharing Gun Owners’ Private Info with Researchers

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In a recent ruling, a California appeals court has upheld the state’s authority to share the personal information of gun owners with “gun violence” researchers.

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This ruling favors the Department of Justice, acting under the provisions of Assembly Bill 173, signed by Governor Gavin Newsom in 2021. In active voice: Therefore, they have permission to share the “identifying information of more than 4 million gun owners.”

They collect this information during the background check process for firearms purchases before giving them to the buyer. It includes names, addresses, phone numbers, and any criminal records, among other details. 

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However, the gun owners in the state are not happy about this development. Several gun rights organizations and individual owners are challenging this law. According to them, the 2021 law violated their privacy rights under California’s state constitution. 

Last October, San Diego County Superior Court Judge Katherine Bacal blocked the law’s implementation, citing privacy concerns. However, the recent decision by the California Appeals Court for the 4th District reversed this ruling barely a year later. Therefore, this allows the state to resume providing this information to researchers.

On the other hand, California Attorney General Rob Bonta welcomed the court’s decision with open arms. To him, this is a victory in ongoing efforts to prevent gun violence. Bonta also emphasized the importance of enabling research that supports informed policymaking aimed at reducing and preventing firearm violence. 

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However, his statement did not directly address the privacy concerns raised by the individuals and organizations opposing the data-sharing initiative. They quickly pointed this out, but the court has finalized its ruling already. 

Moreover, the court’s decision has also been hailed by frontliners of firearm violence research. Garen Wintemute, head of the California Firearm Violence Research Center at the University of California, has expressed satisfaction. 

“The court’s decision is an important victory for science,” he said. “For more than 30 years, researchers at UC Davis and elsewhere have used the data in question to conduct vital research that couldn’t be done anywhere else. We’re glad to be able to return to that important work, which will improve health and safety here in California and across the country.”

The Firearm Violence Research Center, established by a 2016 law, aims to produce interdisciplinary research addressing the nature and consequences of firearm violence. The center collaborates with policymakers to identify, implement, and evaluate innovative firearm violence prevention measures. 

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Furthermore, researchers argue that the data obtained through AB 173 is crucial for conducting research they cannot get elsewhere. Therefore, the court didn’t take this decision without much thought. They weighed the public health benefit of the study against the privacy concerns raised by the plaintiffs. 

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Ultimately, they found that the benefits of enabling research to prevent firearm violence outweighed the privacy concerns. As a result, the case returned to the lower court with an order to reverse its earlier decision on the preliminary injunction that halted the implementation of AB 173.

As firearm-related debates continue to unfold, the legal and ethical considerations surrounding the sharing of such private information for research purposes remain a public concern. However, many are hopeful that it will reduce gun violence drastically. 

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