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Colorado State Patrol Declares YouTuber Accused of Topping 150 Mph on his Motorcycle Wanted

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Rendon Dietzmann is wanted for several traffic infractions
Source: Keith Lobo/Pexels

Colorado authorities have a search warrant for 32-year-old Texan Rendon Dietzmann for several traffic infractions. This is coming after he recorded himself riding a bike at a dangerously high speed from Colorado Springs to the Denver metro area. He posted the video on his YouTube page (Gixxer Brah) with the caption, “From Colorado Springs to Denver in 20 minutes.”

“Illegal and reckless driving behavior will not be tolerated in Colorado. We care too much for those traveling on our roadways to ignore the blatant disregard for the safety of others,” a statement from a police spokesperson read.

According to the Colorado State Police, Dietzmann traveled a distance that would typically take an hour in just 20 minutes. Although he has deleted the video on his YouTube page, the State Patrol attached a clip to their news release. The YouTuber filmed himself traveling beyond 150mph while attempting to navigate very tight terrains on September 28. 

Reports show that this is not his first time engaging in such careless behavior. He has posted similar videos of his reckless motorcycling in various states of the USA. YouTube stated that it had previously removed dangerous content from Dietzmann’s channel as its policies don’t tolerate actions that “have a serious risk of severe bodily harm or death.”

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“This is an extreme example, but sadly a real one. If you drive like this, you can expect to be arrested when you are located. This is the best outcome for a person who drives violently since the smallest mistake could result in his death or that of an innocent person in the area,” State Patrol Sgt. Troy Kessler said. “We simply have ‘NO TOLERANCE’ towards someone who so blatantly disregards the well-being of the community,” he added.

Dietzmann is now wanted on multiple charges, including engaging in a speed contest, menacing, reckless endangerment, and reckless driving. The YouTuber will also face charges bordering on engaging in an exhibition of speed, driving without license plates attached, and speeding 40 mph above the limit.

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According to the authorities, they received numerous complaints about his postings from concerned individuals. The offender’s identity was only confirmed based on the joint efforts of the State Patrol, the Dallas Police Department, and the El Paso County District Attorney’s Office in Colorado. They didn’t release any information regarding Dietzmann’s hometown.

Dietzmann’s YouTube channel has over 250,000 subscribers, about 20 million views, and almost 500 videos. “I like to wheelie… and go fast. Always trying to ride new bikes,” his page description reads. The 32-year-old also has a huge following on Instagram.

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Adrian Perez, a man who has been riding motorcycles since he was a teenager, has voiced his views on the matter. “Reckless riding has no space in any state. People like this make us look really bad. Some people do it to enjoy the ride, even to relax. It’s really therapeutic,” he said. He’s dedicated to showing the public that not all motorcyclists flaunt traffic regulations.

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CBS News Colorado’s attempt to reach the YouTuber through his listed phone numbers and his Instagram account was unsuccessful. 

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