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Christina Haack Looks Hot at 38: Here’s How She Stays In Shape

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At 38, Christina Haack remains one of the hottest celebrities to grace the TV screens and walk the red carpet, turning heads with her hot body.

Christina Haack has all it takes to walk the runway, with her hot figure, authentic poise and charming smile. Being a working mother, with three kids in tow has not slowed her down in any way. Rather, she only seems to look hotter with age, upholding a healthy lifestyle many could only envy.

Her ability to look this good at 38 leaves many curious about her fitness routine, which is certainly paying off. The star never hesitates to share this secret with her fans and has revealed tidbits about her workout and diet plans on various occasions. Here is all Christina Haack has said about looking hot and staying fit despite her busy schedule.

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How Does Christina Haack Stay Hot?

Christina Haack maintains her hot body by adhering to a healthy diet plan and constant exercising. These activities, which have become a way of life for the 38-year-old, have helped her improve her physical and mental wellbeing.

Even more important than adopting a healthy routine, Haack believes consistency plays a key role in staying in shape. She once shared:

“Just Consistency. I mean, I still like to splurge and have a good dinner with friends. Have a couple glasses of champagne, some seafood at Mastro’s. But overall, day to day, I really regiment on my workout and how I eat.”

So she splurges and still stays fit? How exactly does she make the magic happen?

Christina Haack’s Workout Routine

Staying hot for Christina Haack is almost effortless with her go-to workout plans comprising cardio sessions, yoga, pilates and circuit-based classes. She once divulged:

“Exercise is my stress reliever. There is nothing like a good three-mile run for me to really clear my head and get my endorphins going.”

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Christina Haack Goes Running Every Morning

A typical day for Christina Haack begins with a running session through her neighborhood. The three-mile run takes just 30 minutes of her day but effectively works the right muscles nonetheless.

Aside from helping her stay in shape, running also helps clear her head, stay focused and make the day better. Making the morning routine more fulfilling, she endeavors to head out for the daily run with her French Bulldog.

Yoga Keeps Her Body And Mind Healthy

Haack has also adopted an indoor method of staying in shape. The icon has been open about taking up prenatal yoga while pregnant with her son Brayden.

She ended up enjoying the classes, which admittedly made her body and mind feel great. It also helped improve her sleep. Little wonder she kept up with the routine long after living through her pregnancies.

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Christina Haack | Image: Pinterest

Pilates For Strength-Building

Pilate has also helped improve Haack’s health, lifestyle and general fitness. This routine helps work her core, muscles and strength through controlled movements. During a sit down with her nutritionist Cara Clark, the “Flip or Flop” star revealed she loved doing pilates despite finding it particularly difficult to practice.

Orangetheory Fitness Keeps Christina Haack Looking Hot In Her 30s

She has also embraced the infamous orangetheory fitness. The star once gushed about the training, which involves circuit-based routines like running and weight-lifting. She said:

“I discovered Orangetheory and I’m totally hooked! It combines running, which is my favorite workout, with weight training, which I never do on my own.”

Although she described it as challenging, Haack credited the routine with getting her in the best shape of her 30s.

Christina Haack’s Diet Plan

A great diet is crucial for keeping one healthy inside and out, and Christina Haack knows that. Hence, she sticks to the right diet plan, making clean eating a way of life. For the star, eating healthy meant avoiding fast foods, as well as fried and processed ones. Here’s an overview of her daily eating plan.

Christina Haack’s breakfast consists of oatmeal, smoothies, juices and healthy snacks like rice cakes with peanut butter. She also inculcates coffee shakes supplemented with protein powder and perfect bars in her morning meal plan.

Haack’s idea of a perfect lunch is a serving of salad with lean meat or fish. She prefers traditional Cobb salad or quinoa salad with extra veggies. For dinner, she keeps it healthy and simple, with a protein-rich diet and grains or veggie sides. She also gulps down a glass or two of her favorite champagne and lots of water.

Overall, Christina Haack endeavors to include salmon in her meal daily irrespective of the time of the day. Doses of multivitamins and supplements also make up the “Christina On the Coast” star’s healthy-eating plan.

These habits have helped Christina Haack stay hot at 38, unrepentantly rocking her bikini body. No doubt the star has earned every one of her head-turning moments.

After all, she was able to stick with her routine through the pandemic despite dealing with her scandalous divorce from ex-husband Ant Anstead.

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