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Bridgette Cameron: All You Need to Know About Kirk Cameron’s Sister

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Bridgette Cameron was born into the Cameron family alongside her siblings, who all inherited showbiz talent they’ve put to good use. The beautiful Bridgette is a talented actress who is most famous for her portrayals in “Saving Christmas” (2014), “The Krew” (2001), and “Home Improvement” (1991).

She has remained relevant in Hollywood for years and has amassed quite a considerable amount of money. Keep reading to learn more about her life and how much she’s made in her career. 

Bridgette Cameron Biography 

Kirk Cameron’s sister, Bridgette Cameron, is one of four kids born to Barbara and Robert Cameron.

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Kirk Cameron
Kirk Cameron. (Source: Pinterest)

The couple welcomed her into this world on September 14, 1971, and eight years later, they moved to Hollywood. Given her exposure to the glamor of the entertainment industry at such a young age, it is not shocking to find out that Bridgette developed a passion for showbiz. 

She has worked in the entertainment industry for many years now, and so have her siblings, who are even more famous than she is. As an actress, she is best known as a stand-in for some of Hollywood’s most extraordinary child acts. 

How Old Is Bridgette Cameron? 

Bridgette Cameron was born September 14, 1971, making her 52 years old in 2023. 

Bridgette Cameron Career

Her career has seen her portray characters in television series such as “Full House” and “Home Improvement,” as well as in films like “Saving Christmas,” “Wild America,” “Perfect Game,” and “The Crew,” among others. 

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Bridgette’s career kicked off early. She started acting young and has since established herself as a formidable actress. However, despite the success she has enjoyed in acting, Bridgette did not make it her full-time job.

Over the years, she made friends with a woman named Emily Steiding, whom she met online. The pair, who are now best of friends, share a passion for travel, which drew them to one another. 

They now have their site, Bellas Who Travel, where they document their travels together. Another thing Bridgette Cameron is known for is being part of her brother Kirk Cameron’s talk show segment, along with all of her siblings.

It is yet another proof of how well they all get along together. 

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Bridgette Cameron’s Net Worth

There is a lot of money to be made in the world of showbiz, and Bridgette Cameron has made her fair share. Bridgette’s net worth has not been confirmed. However, many sources estimate that it ranges between $1 million and $2 million. Among her siblings, Kirk Cameron, her brother, is believed to have the most significant net worth at $20 million.

Most of Bridgette’s net worth came from her acting career, but a significant chunk of her income is generated from the website she shares with her best friend. Aside from sharing travel updates, they sell a variety of items on their site, which get purchased by many people, and also run collaborations with brands. 

This allows them to stay profitable while doing what they like best — travel. The money they earn is channeled towards traveling to new areas and producing more vlogs for their page.

Bridgette Cameron with her siblings
Bridgette Cameron with her siblings. (Source: Pinterest)

Bridgette Cameron’s Personal Life 

She is married to John Ridenour and has been for the past two decades. The precise date the couple tied the knot has not been confirmed. However, it is believed it happened between 1988 and 2001.

The pair are parents to three kids: two boys and one girl. Their oldest son, Cameron Ridenour, was born on July 29, 2001, while Everett Ridenour, their second son, was born on November 8, 2003. 

They welcomed their daughter, Reese Cameron Ridenour, on March 22, 2006. Reese should have had a twin. However, Bridgette had a miscarriage while carrying the babies, losing one but miraculously preserving the other. 

Bridgette Cameron’s Siblings

She was raised in a close-knit family of six, including herself, three siblings, and their parents. Her other siblings are Melissa Cameron, Kirk Cameron, and Candace Cameron-Bure. Each of Bridgette’s siblings has established themselves in Hollywood, and they all enjoy a sizable following on social media platforms.

Her brother, Kirk, is arguably the most successful among them. He is an actor known for numerous hit movies like “Left Behind” and “Saving Christmas.” 

Bridgette Cameron with her siblings
Bridgette Cameron with her siblings (Source: Pinterest)

Candace, best known for her role in “Full House,” follows with her long and lucrative career. It includes more than 25 Hallmark movies, time on “The View” as a host, and a juicy deal with the Great American Family Network.  

Her net worth is estimated to be around $14 million, a value that is almost double what Bridgette’s last sibling, Melissa Cameron, is worth. Melissa is also involved in the entertainment industry. However, even though she has been featured in some movies, most of her work is carried out behind the scenes. 

She is known to work in the make-up department, sound department, or as a producer. 

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