Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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Biden’s Campaign Officially Joins TikTok Months After Saying It Wouldn’t

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President Joe Biden
Source: Al Jazeera

President Joe Biden’s 2024 presidential campaign has made a surprising move by joining TikTok, despite previous sources indicating that the campaign wouldn’t officially utilize the social media platform.

According to campaign advisers, the campaign’s TikTok account is being managed by campaign staff, who will regularly post content similar to their activity on other social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, X, and Threads.

“The campaign will persist in engaging with voters wherever they are, striving to create innovative content that resonates with important audiences and the diverse constituencies that constitute the president’s broad coalition of supporters,” advisers stated, elucidating the rationale behind the decision.

They further clarified that no decision had been reached regarding whether any of the campaign’s “principals” would join TikTok in the future.

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Biden’s deputy campaign manager, Rob Flaherty, highlighted, “The President’s TikTok debut last night — with close to 5 million views and counting — is proof positive of both our commitment and success in finding new, innovative ways to reach voters in an evolving, fragmented, and increasingly personalized media environment.”

Last year, NBC News sources indicated that the president’s 2024 campaign wouldn’t engage with TikTok following the Biden administration’s characterization of it as a national security threat.

Instead, they planned to depend on influencers and surrogates to uphold a presence advocating for Biden on the platform. In late 2022, Biden signed legislation that included a partial ban prohibiting federal employees from utilizing the app on government devices.

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During Sunday’s Super Bowl, the campaign unveiled its inaugural video featuring Biden participating in a this-or-that-style game. In one instance, when asked which team he was supporting, he revealed his allegiance to the Philadelphia Eagles.

Given the choice between Jason Kelce and Travis Kelce, Biden humorously selected “Mama Kelce,” citing rumors of her renowned chocolate chip cookies. In a concluding question between himself and former President Donald Trump, Biden responded emphatically, “Are you kidding? Biden.”

The Biden administration’s stance on TikTok has previously sparked frustration among young voters. When there were discussions about potentially banning TikTok last year, Gen Z activists cautioned against the move, highlighting the potential political repercussions and describing it as “a slap in the face” to young voters.

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Youth voter turnout has been recognized as a significant factor in aiding Biden and the Democrats in recent elections. TikTok, a favored social media platform among young people, has proven to be a potent tool in mobilizing Gen Z during past electoral cycles.

A survey conducted last March revealed that 20% of Gen Z obtained their political information from TikTok in 2022. In an effort to connect with young voters, Biden has embraced memes and internet culture.

His TikTok profile and inaugural post feature the “Dark Brandon” meme, which repurposes a far-right critique into a symbol of Biden’s achievements and resilience.

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