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Biden Warns of Policy Changes If Israel Doesn’t Act to Protect Civilians

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The Biden administration has issued a serious warning to Israel, insisting on immediate action to safeguard civilians and aid workers in Gaza. This call for action follows the tragic killing of seven members of the World Central Kitchen, sparking international outcry and demands for accountability.

During a recent phone conversation between President Joe Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, President Biden highlighted the necessity for Israel to take strong measures to address civilian harm and ensure the safety of humanitarian workers.

The White House underscored that U.S. policy toward Gaza would be based on Israel’s prompt response to these concerns. While the warning signals a notable shift in the administration’s approach, officials refrained from detailing potential policy changes should Israel fail to comply.

National Security Council spokesman Kirby declined to speculate on withholding aid to Israel. He emphasized that decisions are yet to be made.

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The urgency of the situation was very clear, with expectations set for Israel to announce meaningful changes in the coming hours and days. The administration stressed the importance of increasing humanitarian aid, facilitating additional crossings, and reducing violence against civilians and aid workers.

This warning comes against the background of increasing tensions between the Biden administration and Netanyahu’s government as the conflict in Gaza persists. Israel’s ongoing operations against Hamas have resulted in extensive casualties and raised concerns about the humanitarian situation in the region.

The World Central Kitchen, a prominent food charity, has called for an independent investigation into the airstrikes that claimed the lives of its members. Despite claims by Israeli authorities that the strikes were not intentional, demands for accountability and transparency have intensified.

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In response to mounting pressure, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant assured U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin of a thorough investigation into the incident. However, details regarding the conversation between President Biden and Prime Minister Netanyahu remain undisclosed, highlighting the complexity of the situation.

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In President Biden’s conversation with Prime Minister Netanyahu, he also spoke about the Iranian threats against Israel. He still affirmed the unwavering support of the U.S. in the face of their own external challenges. Despite the strained relations, the administration emphasized its commitment to Israel’s security and self-defense capabilities.

Vice President Kamala Harris, Secretary of State Antony Blinken and national security adviser Jake Sullivan also dialed into Thursday’s call between President Biden and Netanyahu, according to the White House.

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Blinken, who is in Brussels to meet with NATO allies, told reporters Biden told Netanyahu the strikes that killed aid workers and the overall humanitarian situation in Gaza are “unacceptable.”

In their conversation, Biden also “underscored” the need for an immediate cease-fire deal in order for hostages to be released and allow more humanitarian aid to get into the Gaza Strip, the White House said.

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They also talked about Iranian threats against Israel, and Biden “made clear the United States strongly supports Israel in the face of those threats.” Kirby, at the podium, made clear U.S. support for Israel’s ability to defend itself from a range of threats, not just Hamas, is “ironclad.”

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