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Beyoncé Announces Grants for Salons and Cosmetology School Scholarships Worth $500K

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Beyoncé Announces Grants for Salons and Cosmetology School Scholarships Worth $500K
Source: People

Beyoncé, the global superstar, is taking a huge step in her philanthropic efforts. On February 20th, she launched her new line of hair care products, focusing on items the girl child needs. However, she didn’t stop there. 

The “Heated” singer also announced a $500,000 grant to help find salons and cosmetology school scholarships. She announced this with her philanthropic BeyGood Fund, unveiling a partnership with her new hair care line Cécred. Without a doubt, this made a lot of fans across the globe happy.

She posted a statement on her BeyGOOD website, further explaining the details of the grant. “Fostering talent, promoting professionalism, and supporting entrepreneurship within the hair industry is deeply important to us,” it read.

“That’s why we’re partnering with Cécred to create the Cécred x BeyGOOD Fund, which celebrates the influence professional stylists have on hair health and the critical importance of advocating for the salon community,” it added.

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They will award this grant money annually to 25 recipients in five different locations. They are Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, and New Jersey. The BeyGood Foundation also mentioned that they selected locales in those regions because of their “large, diverse community of hair stylists.”

When Beyoncé launched Cécred (pronounced Sacred), fans worldwide were ecstatic. Many did not know that the “Energy” singer has a strong background in hair care. In fact, it has always been her dream to own a hair care line.

Her mother, Tina Knowles, was a businesswoman and a hairstylist. Therefore, Beyoncé spent a lot of time in her salon. “So much of the fabric of who I am came from her salon,” Beyoncé said.

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She is also featured in the March/April Beauty Issue of Essence magazine. There, she details her love for hair and how growing up in her mum’s salon shaped her. The multiple covers show the “Diva” crooner with many creative hairstyles and fashionable pieces.

Tina was also featured in the magazine alongside her daughter. “In the culture of Black folks, all the way from the beginning: If you could do some hair, you’ll never be broke,” she told Essence.

The 42-year-old Grammy Award-winning singer has finally achieved a long-term goal and seems quite pleased with herself. She celebrated with an all-white launch party with an elite guest list. The models at the show wore their hair in different innovative styles, walking the runway. 

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The magazine feature, hair care line, and her recent releases are part of the rollout for her upcoming album. In 2022, she released “Act I: Renaissance,” and fans have been waiting for the next act. Earlier in February, she revealed that she would release Act II on March 29th, 2024. 

Unlike Renaissance, which was a pop/electronic album, Act ii is a full country album. She dropped “Texas Hold ‘Em” and “16 Carriages” after a Super Bowl Verizon ad, and they have been topping charts. 

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