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Meet Laura Linney’s Child, Bennett Armistead Schauer

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Being a celebrity child comes with the constant prying eyes of the public. Bennett Armistead Schauer is not an exception.

Bennett Armistead Schauer is popularly known as the child of Laura Linney. His mother is a well-known American actress with impressive achievements, including two Golden Globe Awards, four Primetime Emmy Awards, three Academy Award nominations, and five Tony Awards nominations. 

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Bennett’s birth was a pleasant surprise to Linney’s fans, as they got to know about him only after he was born. Since his arrival, most of Bennet’s personal life has remained a mystery, which has only heightened the curiosity of Linney’s fans about him. 

So, who exactly is this young celebrity child?

Laura and Bennett (Source: Instagram/@itsmelauralinney)

Bennett Armistead Schauer’s Birth and Family 

Bennett Armistead Schauer entered the world on January 8, 2014. His mother, Laura Linney, is a well-known American actress, while his father, Marc Schauer, has made a name for himself as an American real estate mogul. The couple tied the knot on May 2, 2009, and five years later, they joyfully welcomed Bennet into their lives.

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From what we know, the family of three seems to be living harmoniously, as there haven’t been any controversies or scandals surrounding them. As there is no public information about any siblings, it appears that Bennett is the only child of his parents. Likewise, since there is no public record of Bennett’s educational pursuits, we can safely assume he is currently a student in elementary school.

A Look at the Marriage of Bennett’s Parents: Are They Happy?

Unlike most Hollywood marriages, Bennett’s parents are happily married. Laura Linney and Marc Schauer have been happily married since 2009. They first crossed paths at the Telluride Festival in Colorado, where their connection sparked.

They stayed in touch and gradually developed a romantic relationship. Their engagement took place in 2007, and they exchanged vows in May 2009, with the esteemed actor Liam Neeson walking Linney down the aisle.

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Bennett’s mum (source: Instagram@itsmelauralinney)

In an interview with The New York Times Magazine, Bennet’s mother reminisced about her first meeting with her husband, expressing initial uncertainty about her attraction to Marc. She humorously wondered if she was attracted to her “handler.” However, after some time, they reconnected through email and eventually decided to meet in Chicago.

Linney described the moments leading up to their second meeting as nervous and anxious. As she rode from her room to the hotel lobby, she couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed. However, as soon as she looked at Marc, all her anxieties vanished, and she knew deep down that everything would be fine. They quickly fell head over heels in love with each other.

Bennett Armistead Schauer’s Impact on His Mom

As Bennett is his parent’s only child, he is undoubtedly growing up in an environment overflowing with love, care, and support. So, it’s no surprise that Linney said that her face was always sore after Bennet’s birth because she constantly smiled at her son. 

After giving birth to Bennett, Linney experienced remarkable changes in her body that made her feel even more powerful. As a first-time mom, she gracefully adapted to the role and learned to balance her career and family life. But trust us when we say that Linney isn’t the only one who shines in the creative department in their household. 

Bennett’s parents (Source: Pinterest)

Bennett proves to be quite the competition regarding creativity and hard work. It seems he inherited a generous dose of his mother’s artistic genes, and he’s putting them to great use.

This is evident in the lovely gingerbread house he drew, as seen in a photo shared by Linney. The image’s caption read, “I love having a kid.” From that photo, it’s clear that Bennett’s creativity is blossoming, and his mother couldn’t be prouder.

Bennett Armistead Schauer Lives Outside the Spotlight 

Contrary to popular belief, Bennett Armistead Schauer’s life of privacy didn’t begin after his birth. It started long before, while Laura Linney was pregnant with him. When Linney was pregnant, she kept it secret until a week after Bennett’s birth, a decision she discussed during an interview on Live! With Kelly.

Bennett wins his mother in a game of memory (source: Instagram@itsmelauralinney)

During this interview, Linney shed light on the reasons behind her choice, dispelling the rumors that she intentionally hid her baby bump. Linney explained that her option to keep her pregnancy private stemmed from her concerns about being 49 years old and the risks associated with carrying a child at an older age.

Above all, her main priority was the well-being and safety of her baby. Linney also clarified that she didn’t intentionally hide her pregnancy. She chose not to advertise it to the world and believed it was the best decision for her family.

It’s not uncommon for celebrity pregnancies to be kept under wraps. 2022 was a year filled with heartwarming and adorable pregnancy announcements that captured the attention of fans. From lovely scan photos to sweet glimpses of baby bumps, here are some of 2022’s most memorable and adorable pregnancy announcements.

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