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Meet Agnes Wilson, A Hero From the COVID-19 Era and H.E.R’s Mom

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Agnes Wilson is proof that anyone can be a hero! 

Wilson is most famous for being singer H.E.R’s mother. She works as a nurse, a demanding job, but not demanding enough to keep her from raising a wonderful daughter with immense talent. 

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H.E.R., born Gabi Wilson, is a famous singer who rose to fame after emerging as a musical genius. Gabi developed an affinity for music at a tender age, so it was up to her mother, Agnes Wilson, to help her nurture it. She did a splendid job. 

At the age of seven, Gabi started writing songs, and as she grew older, they became more personal, like entries in a journal. When she turned 10, she wrote a song titled “Curious.” It spoke about how her parents were all up in her business. 

It was a testament to how much Agnes watched out for her daughter. She is a hands-on parent but has a fun side that her daughter shows on social media. 

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Gabi Wilson with her mother Agnes Wilson on the red carpet
Gabi Wilson with her mother Agnes Wilson on the red carpet (Source: Pinterest)

Agnes Wilson Has Filipino Origins

Agnes Wilson’s roots have been traced to Filipinos, while her husband is a black man. His name is Kenny Wilson, and he also supports his daughter, Agnes. They introduced Gabi to the public when she was ten during an appearance on the “Today” show when she covered Alicia Keys’ music.

Kenny played a significant role in his daughter’s growing career. She constantly praises him for being supportive and proud of her. Gabi is very particular about her parents’ origins and, by extension, her own.

She has spoken about her roots in various events, including the Oscars while receiving an award. At the event, she talked about how happy she was to represent the Filipino community and inspire other girls.

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H.E.R’s Mother, Agnes Wilson, Is a Professional Nurse

Agnes is a professional nurse who works closely with rehab patients. In 2020, Agnes’ daughter paid homage to health workers who chose to help COVID-19 patients despite the risks. 

At the same time, she was worried about Agnes, who had been working full-time during the pandemic. Her work happens in a different department, but it was not easy for Gabi to know that her mother had to go to work daily and encounter those infected with COVID-19.

Agnes Wilson’s Husband Is a Musician

Agnes Wilson’s husband, Kenny, also loves music. He has played music for most of his life. He followed his granny’s footsteps. She used to play the piano in church, and thanks to the passion she woke within him, Kenny swore to raise his kids similarly — with a love for music. 

Gabi Wilson with her parents
A young Gabi Wilson with her parents (Source: Pinterest)

Gabi has been candid about Kenny’s support in the past. According to her, he made her like music because he played it so much, and he also taught her the guitar. It was all she needed to become the superstar everyone now sees her as, and Gabi has never forgotten. 

Agnes Wilson and Her Husband Inspired Their Daughter 

Agnes Wilson and her husband are great parents, and Gabi Wilson owes her life to them. Not only did they give birth to her, they also inspired her. In an old interview, Gabi claimed that her parents encouraged her love for music while she was still a fetus in her mother’s womb. 

Gabi Wilson in shades (Source: Pinterest)

According to the talented singer, her father would always play music, and she heard it all while she was in her mother’s belly. After she was born, Agnes quickly found that her daughter loved music, and she chose to help her nurture the talent, pushing her to make waves at a tender age. 

She supported Gabi while the star developed her talent and has not stopped. Gabi is now popularly known as H.E.R., and Agnes Wilson is proud of all she has accomplished. The singer has taken the world by storm and is one of the fast-rising stars in the music industry.

Her talent has been recognized by many of the older icons, including Janet Jackson and Alicia Keys. This proves Gabi is on the right path, and Agnes Wilson couldn’t be happier. 

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