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Axel Ferrell Is Will Ferell’s Youngest Child: They Share an Uncanny Resemblance

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Axel Ferrell was famous even before he arrived because of his father’s reputation. He was born to star comedian Will Ferrell and his longtime wife, Viveca Paulin. Will is a funnybone known for his hilarious TV and big-screen antics. 

He has enjoyed great success in the industry; the same can be said of his life as a family man. Axel is one of the ways he has succeeded. Many are curious about him and wonder if he’ll be anything like his father career-wise. 

Will Ferell with his wife and two of his three boys
Will Ferell with his wife and two of his three boys (Source: Pinterest)

Who Is Axel Ferrell? 

Axel Ferrell was born on January 23, 2010. He is one of the three boys Will calls children, and he looks the part. He is the carbon copy of his father and may have also inherited the talented man’s affinity for being in front of the cameras. 

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Axel and his brothers have featured in Will’s movies, telling fans there may be a career in it for them in the future. Axel and his other siblings bagged a role in the 2013 sequel, “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues.” More may be possible in store for little Axel, but he is still a far cry from deciding acting is the way to go.

Meet Axel Ferrell’s Brothers 

Aside from Axel, Will and his wife are proud parents of two boys named Magnus and Matthias. Magnus was born on March 7, 2004. A few years after his birth, Will revealed the meaning behind his name and why the moniker stood out to some. 

Will Ferrell with his family on the red carpet
Will Ferrell with his family on the red carpet (Source: Pinterest)

He said: “My wife was born in Sweden, and we loved the idea of a Scandinavian name. I’ve gotten a lot of flack: ‘What kind of ego do you have to have to name your child the great one?’ That is not it at all.”

Magnus reportedly has a great sense of humor, like his famous dad. Will has noticed his son’s comedic tendencies and has complimented him on it in the past. Magnus also enjoys making music, mainly playing the keyboard. He is in a band that consists of two of his friends and, occasionally, his dad. 

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The second child Will and his wife welcomed is Matthias, born on December 30, 2006. His name has meaning, but Will has confessed he doesn’t know what the English translation of the Swedish title means. 

He joked about it in 2007, claiming Mattias means “one who eats fire” before revealing that it truly means “gift of God.” In a Q&A by Amy Poehler on CBS “This Morning,” Will confessed that his children may have inherited his sense of humor. 

He said, “They’ve all got a little glimmer in their eye.” Matthias also shares his love of comedy but is also passionate about sports. 

Will Ferrell and His Wife Have Been Married for Over Two Decades

Will and his wife Viveca initially met at an acting class in 1995. They tied the knot five years later and started expanding their family with the birth of Magnus. Will enjoys talking about his sons occasionally. However, he and his wife do their best to give them a sheltered life. 

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Axel Ferrell with his mom dad and siblings
Axel Ferrell with his mom, dad, and siblings (Source: Pinterest)

Will now considers himself quite the expert in child-raising and is always quick to give tips to those who need them. He has been a dad for around two decades and has picked things up along the line. He once shared sound advice in an interview: 

“Try to look your child in the eye. … Get to know their name, which becomes important when you want something. And remember to feed them. That’s about all you need.” 

The comedian has also claimed that embarrassing his kids is one of his favorite pastimes, especially when they do something wrong. One example is how he would show up in nothing but his underpants whenever they made rude comments. Still, it’s not always all goofy.

When things need to be done timely, Will can be a commander barking out orders amidst the chaos. He once said it was the only way to maintain order in a home of three growing boys. 

Will may not have a daughter, but he is proud of his boys. As his kids grow older, the comedian remains a steady fixture in their lives, proud and watchful. As such, he leads a successful career and a great household. What more could one want? 

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