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Asylum Seekers’ Train Defies Warnings Against Illegal Crossings

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Many displaced people have recently been seeking asylum in the U.S. from neighboring countries. This influx has made the news several times due to several issues arising.

Migrants participating in illegal train crossings
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An example of these issues is shown clearly by a FerroMex train that arrived from Zacatecas, Mexico, in November 2023. This train was first observed en route to the U.S. southern border, carrying many migrants on its train cars. 

Despite U.S. warnings, the migrants expressed enthusiasm, cheering while hanging off the sides of the cars. This scene unfolded despite the U.S. government sending a stern message to migrants, urging them not to attempt the journey.

Moreover, border patrols along the southern border have been grappling with an overwhelming influx of illegal crossings for months. For instance, Ajo, Arizona, witnessed as many as 2,000 illicit crossings per day for several consecutive days in November 2023.

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This led the agents to resort to street releases due to overcrowded shelters. Notably, many of the migrants came from Africa in this case. In the previous months, the Rio Grande Valley sector in Texas alone has seen well over 50,000 migrants in Border Patrol custody.

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This surge includes entire families, consisting of parents with infants and children, as well as unaccompanied minors. Many families intercepted along the Rio Grande Valley were released with future court dates.

The President and his administration are aware of the ongoing crisis. Therefore, they are contemplating a plan that requires migrants who cross into the U.S. to remain in Texas illegally while awaiting their asylum screening. The proposed strategy involves using ankle bracelets to monitor migrants’ locations, particularly those apprehended during crossings. 

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Simultaneously, the administration has taken legal action against Texas over removing a barrier placed in the Rio Grande. They also took action against Arizona for erecting a barrier made from shipping containers along its border with Mexico.

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Without a doubt, more efforts to find a resolution are underway. There are also discussions occurring regarding collaboration with local groups to provide housing for migrants undergoing the asylum screening process. Also, a new bipartisan bill is making its way in Congress to address the border crisis.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is also facing some challenges. The DHS states that it consistently engages in policy and operational discussions to leverage its authorities for a fair, humane, and effective immigration process that efficiently addresses those without a lawful basis to remain in the country.

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The state of Texas is also trying its best to manage the situation. Texas initiated a busing program to alleviate the strain on border towns. Consequently, the state has transported thousands of migrants to “sanctuary cities” such as New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles. 

According to the state governor, Texas cities have borne the brunt of illegal immigration. Therefore, Governor Greg Abbott insists that “sanctuary cities” share in this responsibility. He also highlighted the ongoing complexity of the situation, stating that these cities need to come together to help one another. 

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