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Anne Hathaway’s 7 Best Movie Moments since Her 2013 Oscar Saga

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Anne Hathaway is undoubtedly one of Hollywood’s best actresses given her outstanding performances since venturing into the movie industry.

Whether she’s playing an adorable Disney princess on “The Princess Diaries,” or a hated bald witch on “The Witches,” Anne Hathaway manages to keep that grace and poise with which she captured the world over two decades ago.

Remarkably, this movie star has a way of interpreting her roles flawlessly and getting absorbed in the character. Also, her ability to incorporate head-turning accents into her hearty rendition earns her the extra pluses.

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From proving herself in the adventurous world of magic on “Ella Enchanted,” to her Oscar-winning movie, “Les Miserables,” and beyond, Hathaway has rendered some groundbreaking performances since her foray into fame.

 Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

One of the defining moments of her career came in 2013, following her first Oscar win. Somehow a moment supposed to be memorable and cheerful resulted in many turning against her.

The amazing actress lived past the hate without letting it slow her down, eventually utilizing it as the fuel she needed to steer her career to greater heights.

The star had remained unstoppable ever since, featuring in some beautiful movies and showing the world the best of Anne Hathaway.

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When Did Anne Hathaway Win An Oscar?

After fourteen years in showbiz, the Oscars came calling in 2013, giving the actress her first win. Snagging the award for Best Supporting actress following 15-minutes of screentime on “Les Misérables” only proved how amazing an actress she was.

Anne Hathaway pose at the 2013 Oscars |  Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Yet, many didn’t seem to think so, a reservation worsened by Hathaway’s demeanor at the award reception show. For the event, the icon donned a Prada dress many deemed overprized and rendered a hearty acceptance speech.

The internet spared nothing when it came to condemning the actress’ Oscar win. While many insisted she did not deserve the award, others maintained she was fake and trying too hard.

The hate became so widespread, that the media soon coined the term, Hathahaters, a collective name for all Anne Hathaway’s haters.

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Becoming A Force For Good

Like the strong woman she was, Hathaway endured the “monster out there,” turning to her husband, Adam Shulman, and friends for support.

Although the incident took a toll on her at first, the mother of two managed to turn things in her favor. She went with the flow and ended up being incredibly empowered by the situation.

She now considers the backlash she received in 2013 following her Oscar win as a “really good thing,” which prepared her for greater heights in her career.

Hathaway has been unstoppable ever since, performing some of her most impressive roles yet. See below, a list of Anne Hathaway’s seven best movie moments since then.

1. “Oceans Eight” As Daphne Kluger

Anne Hathaway as Daphne Klugar on "Oceans' Eight" |  Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

The 2018 female reboot of the “Oceans’” franchise saw Hathaway assume the role of Daphne Kluger. The heist movie somehow changed everyone’s perception about the actress, winning lots of Hathahaters to her side.

Her flawless rendition of the reckless, and seemingly dump Daphne added a hint of comedy to the film, ultimately crowning Hathaway as the movie’s show-stealer.

2. “Colossal” As Gloria

Anne Hathaway as Gloria on "Colossal" |  Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

What do you get when you have a mix of a blindingly gorgeous woman, a drunkard, and an adventurous writer? A pen-wielding monster goddess, or at least something in that line.

Fans got to see Hathaway play all of that in the 2016 movie, “Colossal,” the way only she could. The icon seemed particularly handpicked for the role of Gloria, an alcoholic writer whose drinking habit was giving life to a Godzilla-like monster set loose in Korea.

Her return to her New England hometown soon became a quest to rediscover herself, beat her questionable habits, and undo the havoc she created via her telepathic connection to the monster.

Again, this acting genius found a way of adding a hint of comedy to the sci-fi movie, proving again that she was more than a “serious actress.”

3. “The Witches” As The Grand High Witch

Anne Hathaway on "The Witches" |  Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Anne Hathaway as a child-loathing villain? No one saw that coming. “The Witches”, based on the children book by Roald Dahl saw the actress play the grand high witch, leading a group of nefarious witches on a mission to turn children into mice.

A huge deviation from her angel-like characters in hit movies like “The Princess Diaries” and the “Alice In Wonderland” franchise, Hathaway made it clear she was not cut out for typecasting. It’s not like we didn’t already know that… (Think “Cat Woman”).

4. “Dark Waters” As Sarah Bilott

Anee Hathaway as Satah Bilott on "Dark Waters" |  Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

The 2019 movie, “Dark Waters” remains Anne Hathaway’s highest-rated performance of all time, and with good reasons. 

Not only did she embrace her character wholly and breathe every line with the emotion Sarah Bilott would give off if she existed offscreen, but she also managed to become a scene-stealer in just ten minutes of screentime.

5. “The Hustle” As Josephine Chesterfield

Anne Hathaway on "The Hustle" |  Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

The “Hustle” isn’t exactly a critics’ favorite, with only a 14% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. However, there is no denying how well it showed Anne Hathaway’s movie prowess in its full glory.

Undoubtedly, playing the role of Josephine Chesterfield alongside Rebel Wilson, another talented star, contributed to her outstanding performance.

Con artists, Josephine and Penny Rust’s quest to swindle a clueless billionaire resulted in a 90-minutes comedy that lacked the expected dose of humor. But who cares when Hathaway kept dishing out an overdose of her signature smile at every turn?

6. “Locked Down” As Linda

Anne Hathaway on "Locked Down" |  Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

The pandemic-inspired movie, “Locked Down,” hit the screens in 2021, and followed the lives of Linda and Paxton (Chiwetel Ejiofor).

The pair, who were on the verge of separation, thought the universe had turned against them when they ended up stuck at home together due to the lockdown.

However, the days of silent reflection, idleness, disturbing headlines, layoffs, and firings motivated them to put heads together to plan a mind-blowing heist to steal an expensive diamond.

Not exactly the plot one would expect for a movie titled “Locked Down” in the middle of a pandemic, but Hathaway somehow made every second worth the while.

7. “The Intern” As Jules Ostin

Anne Hathaway as Jules Ostin on "The Intern" | Image: Pinterest
Anne Hathaway as Jules Ostin on “The Intern” | Image: Pinterest

Playing the ambitious CEO, Jules Ostin in 2015’s “The Intern,” Anne Hathaway fueled Robert De Niro’s character, Ben. The result was a gentle, enjoyable fantasy brought to life by two acting geniuses.

Critics deem the movie Barry Meyer’s best production in the last decade, giving the credits to the performing duo of De Niro and Hathaway.

No doubt the “Get Smart” star has appeared in more blockbusters, but these stand out in terms of her performances and viewers’ reception. The world looks forward to seeing more of Anne Harthaway as her career flourishes further.

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