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Amanda Kloots and Nick Cordero: A Beautiful Love Story Cut Short by Death

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Hollywood icons Nick Cordero and Amanda Kloots enjoyed a beautiful romance for over three years. Sadly, their union came to a tragic end in 2020 following Cordero’s death from COVID-19.

It began on-set of the 2014 Broadway production, “Bullets Over Broadway,” and ended with a sad announcement that left fans sympathizing with the couple. The love story of Amanda Kloots and Nick Cordero played out for years, with the duo cherishing every moment spent together.

The pair, who seemed destined for each other, grew in love, started a family together, and welcomed their only son, Elvis, all within five years. No one expected the sad fate that eventually befell the lovebirds, and invariably, cut short their love story prematurely. Little wonder the scars inflicted by Nick Cordero’s untimely death run so deep.

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Amanda Kloots and Nick Cordero’s love story kicked off with their meeting on the set of the Broadway production, “Bullets Over Broadway,” in 2014. The musical opened in April that year, with Cordero starring as Cheech, a gangster aspiring to become an auteur. Kloots, on the other hand, appeared as a dancer in the production.

At the time of their meeting, the actress was a recent-divorcee, following a six-year marriage to actor David Larsen. Cordero, who was single, instantly formed a connection with his to-be-wife, and the duo became close friends.

They spent long hours on Skype each night, sharing details about their personal lives and ambitions. Amanda Kloots and her husband grew closer in the months following their first meeting.


“Bullets Over Broadway” aired for only a few months before its final closure. Even at that, Amanda Kloots and Nick Cordero continued nurturing their budding romance. Soon, they planned their first in-house date in the actor’s apartment located in Washington Heights.

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Although Cordero’s studio apartment lacked a dining room, he managed to make the romantic date night special. He treated Kloots to a picnic on the apartment floor, serving a meal comprising tomato and mozzarella.

Having the meal combination on the floor naturally became a tradition in their love life even after starting a family together. They observed the tradition at every milestone moment they scaled together, including each move to a new apartment.


Kloots and Cordero’s romance progressed at the speed of light, and the duo soon became inseparable. However, after dating for a while, the pair hit a rough road, leading to a breakup. They went their separate ways, with the actor moving to his native Canada to take care of his sick father.

Determined to win back Kloots’ love, the late icon continued training to jump rope, an interest she had tried previously to pass on to him. Upon returning to New York City, Cordero sought out his ex and convinced her to train him to jump ropes, but as friends.

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She complied, and the friendship soon gave way to a second chance at their relationship, and the actor strived not to blow it again.


Nick Cordero proposed to his wife in 2016, during a romantic getaway at the Hudson Valley in New York. They tied the knot months later, in an intimate ceremony held at the Skylark Lounge, N.Y on September 3, 2017.

Following their marriage, the duo continued sustaining their love while building their respective careers.


Two years after their wedding, Amanda Kloots and Nick Cordero expanded their family with the birth of their son, Elvis Eduardo Cordero. They welcomed the new addition on June 10, 2019, at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City.


The lovebirds moved to Los Angeles in September, three months after welcoming Elvis. They relocated to ensure Cordero, who was starring on “Rock Of Ages,” could be close enough to the set.

After house-hunting for months, they eventually found the perfect home listed on the fixer-upper on Love Street. The pair set out to renovate the property into their dream home. However, tragedy struck before the couple completed the project.


The family’s dark moments began on March 30, 2020, following Cordero’s hospitalization. Doctors intubated the icon on April 1 after his condition worsened. 

The next 95 days were the most challenging phase of Cordero and Kloots’ love story. Medical tests confirmed the actor had contracted the dreaded COVID-19, which affected his respiratory system. He suffered major lung damage, prompting doctors to place a tracheostomy tube to aid respiration.

The infection also toyed with Cordero’s blood circulation, resulting in the amputation of his right leg.

He spent several days in a coma as his condition went from bad to worse. All the while, Kloots remained hopeful that he would recover. She shared details of her husband’s health struggles on social media, attracting prayers from sympathizers.


Cordero spent weeks in critical condition, undergoing dialysis and extracorporeal membrane oxygenation at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles. He died eventually, following a 95-days battle to recover and reunite with his wife and kid, leaving Kloots heartbroken. The actor’s body was cremated due to the circumstances of his death.

Fans and celebrities turned up to pay tribute to the lost icon, while sympathizing with his wife and now 16-month-old son.

Nick Cordero’s death at 42 marked the end of the blossoming romance between the Broadway veteran and his wife of three years. Theirs was indeed a love story cut short by the icy hands of death!

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