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All You Need to Know about ‘Friends’ Actress Jennifer Aniston’s Take on Having Kids

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At 52, “Friends” star Jennifer Aniston has no kids running around the house, but the actress’s take on the subject leaves fans hopeful.

Actress, Jennifer Aniston has made the headlines over the years for reasons other than her movies and bolstering acting career. Along with her two divorces, questions about the actress’s plans to have kids in the future have crept into the tabloids.

Although several pregnancy rumors have come forth throughout her career, the 52-year-old has debunked them, admitting she was sick of pregnancy rumors. However, she never shies away from discussing her desire to become a mother someday, with children running around the house.

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With the years ticking by, and no infant cries from the star’s warm household, one pressing question remains on every expectant mind: Does Jennifer Aniston still plan to have kids?


Given the many speculations about Aniston’s reason for not having children, a look through her life, and previous chances of becoming a mother is worth the ride.

Born in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles in February 1969, Jennifer Aniston grew up in the world of art. Her parents, John Aniston and Nancy Dow both had careers in television. 

At eleven, she enrolled in Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Art in Manhattan, New York, where she began acting with the school’s drama society. Eventually, her passion for acting morphed into a blossoming career.

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In 1998, Jennifer Aniston met actor, Brad Pitt, and they kicked off their romance soon after. They tied the knot in July 2000 and were the ultimate Hollywood sweethearts for the next five years. However, their marriage ended in 2005, amid speculations of Pitts’s extra-marital affair with actress Angelina Jolie.

In 2011, the actress began dating actor and director, Justin Theroux.  They became engaged in August 2012 and tied the knot three years later. Sadly, Jennifer Aniston’s marriage to Theroux also ended in divorce in 2017.

Like her first marriage, Aniston’s marriage to Theroux yielded no children, leaving many wondering if her failure to have kids were contributing factors in her two divorces.


Jennifer Aniston has been open about her intentions to have children in several revealing interviews. In February 2020, the actress granted an interview with her long-time friend, Sandra Bullock. During the conversation, she shared her take on becoming a mother, listing it as one of the things she was yet to achieve in life. She disclosed:

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“It’s not so much what I see myself doing. But it’s more like a little screenshot in my brain. I hear the ocean, I see the ocean, I hear laughter, I see kids running, I hear ice in a glass, I smell food being cooked. That’s the joyous snapshot in my head.”

Aniston’s candid admission was in response to Bullock’s question about what she looked forward to doing in the future. Hopefully, the kids running would come about sooner than anticipated.


Despite not having babies of her own, speculations about her pregnancy have flooded the media in the past, owing to suspicious tummy bulges. However, Aniston has stepped forward to debunk those claims on each occasion.

She once pointed out during an interview that she was fed up with the incessant pregnancy rumors. Going further, she noted that the majority of the rumors resulted from having a moment of bloat after enjoying a good meal.

Aniston concluded the interview by letting the world know that whether or not she became pregnant or decided to have kids was nobody’s business but hers, and the prospective baby’s father.


One of the most prominent pregnancy speculations that have arisen during Aniston’s career came in 2013, a year after her engagement to Justin Theroux.

The rumors first surfaced following her appearance at the premiere of her 2013 film, “We’re The Millers,” in New York. Shots from the event showed the actress sporting a slight tummy bump, which raised brows at the time.

Following heightened speculations about her pregnancy, Aniston stepped forward to debunk the claims, saying she only added a few pounds.


While many believe the actress’s refusal to have children was due to her career pursuits, Aniston has a different opinion. In a 2016 article, the actress penned down her grievances over the constant speculations. She also explained why she did not feel obliged to become a mother.

The 52-year-old explained that women did not need to marry or have children before they could be happy. She went further to state that although she yearned to become a mother someday, her motherhood ambition was not due to feeling incomplete, but because it was her decision.

Two years after sharing her powerful post, the actress seemed to have a different opinion. She revealed in a 2018 interview that she was done nursing ideas of having kids because she found the concept of motherhood frightening. The “Friends” star went on to explain that not all women were engineered to become wives and mothers.

Given her most recent admission, having kids may not be in the picture for the 52-year-old actress anytime soon.

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