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Alabama Teen Faces Multiple Charges for Pushing a Child Into a Fire

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Violence is something the law frowns upon, especially among children. However, violence is exactly what transpired in Alabama when a teenage boy pushed a small child into a fire. 

According to the authorities, his criminal action led to the child and her mother, who jumped in to rescue her, walking away with burns. The boy is now in custody. Deputies with the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office responded to the unincorporated area of Foley, Alabama, around 4:30 p.m. Sunday for a domestic incident.

The caller informed the cops that a child had been burned by a fire, and they quickly scrambled. Foley is located in Baldwin County in southern Alabama, about 40 miles east of Mobile and 12 miles from Gulf Shores along the Gulf Coast.

The child in question is a six-year-old girl. When authorities arrived, she and her mother were across the street at a neighbor’s house. Both the mother and the child had “significant” burns, according to a statement from the sheriff’s office.

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They received treatment at a local hospital, and both are currently in stable condition. According to an investigation by the sheriff’s office, the 17-year-old male who lived at the incident location “intentionally” pushed the girl into the fire, causing her injuries. 

The mother got burns in the process of rescuing her daughter from the fire. The girl and her mother’s details remain private for now. It was not immediately clear what may have triggered the incident, the sheriff’s office said, and the investigation remains ongoing.

The 17-year-old’s identity remains hidden as well. He is facing charges of attempted murder and second-degree assault. He is in custody, and the sheriff’s office said there were no other threats in the area.

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Fatal fire incidents have come up frequently this year, and authorities hope that changes. Just recently in Winston, Salem, a black woman, together with her daughters and grandkids, almost lost their life in a fire.

The woman had reportedly been fast asleep when she heard something hit her window. It woke her, after which she realized her front porch was entirely on fire. She wasted no time waking her two daughters and the grandkids up so they could quickly escape through the back door.

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The woman believes that her home was deliberately set on fire, but she is thankful she was able to get her family out safe and sound. Authorities are investigating the incident to determine if the fire was manmade or accidental. 

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