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A Glimpse at Melania Trump’s Life Since the White House

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Melania Trump made quite a number of headlines while she was the first lady. Up until the last day of her duty, the public viewed her as a subject of interest. But where is Melania Trump now?

Melania Trump is known for being the most private first lady in modern times, and now that her tenure is long gone, Melania has become something of a recluse, keeping to herself in Palm Beach, Florida.

Following her and her spouse, Donald Trump’s exit from the White House, Melania has been spotted less than ten times in public. Despite keeping her life off the spotlight, the former first lady has been living her life on her terms. Here’s all she’s been up to.

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Melania Trump now
Image: Pinterest

Where’s Melania Trump Now?

On the day the Trumps exited the White House, Melania donned an all-black outfit, and when they stepped off the plane during arrival, Melania had switched into an orange Gucci kaftan.

Her outfit statements, together with her and her spouse’s refusal to attend Joe Biden’s inauguration, did turn heads. However, Melania has become more removed from the public since that day. 

The next time she would be seen was seven months later, in July, when she stepped into Manhattan and headed for Trump towers. Before that, she was seen a few times in the members-only Mar-a-Lago club her husband owns. 

She Has Not Been Publicly Spotted With Her Spouse

Insiders have shared that the Trumps are an independent couple. They spend time apart despite living together at Trump’s clubhouse. However, Melania tries as much as possible to be in the city with her husband in case she needs to make an appearance.

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During Donald’s 75th birthday in 2021, Melania did not seem to attend the festivities to celebrate him. This was more glaring when her son, Barron, shared a clip on social media showing where Donald was being honored.

The former President did not have many of his family members present, and notably, Melania was nowhere in sight. This event and many others have since sparked divorce rumors.

Melania was said to be scouting for a home in 2021, raising public scrutiny about the state of their marriage. However, it seems the trumps just go about their daily lives while not seeing each other as much. 

Melania is said to be at her happiest whenever she is with her family, and it does not necessarily include Donald. However, public scrutiny and being in the public eye has never been her thing. 

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Donald and Melania Trump. Image: Pinterest

A Memoir in the Works

It has been a tradition since the time of Helen Taft that former First Ladies pen a memoir about their time in the White House. The most successful First Lady memoir so far is Michelle Obama’s “Becoming.”

And now, reports show that Melania is ready to walk that path. Despite the fact that Melania Trump was never the predictable First Lady, an insider told Page Six that she “is in meetings to write her White House memoir.”

The source added that the memoir would give Melania a chance to make her own money. Donald was said to have endorsed the idea of a memoir because it would serve as an opportunity for Melania to share her own side of the story.

This was regarding a memoir her one-time best friend, Stephanie Wolkoff, released. Wolkoff allegedly aired some private matters and painted a rather undesirable image of the 51-year-old former White House occupant. 

Melania Trump now
Melania and Her son Barron Trump. Image: Pinterest

Melania Trump Now Lives Her Best Life

The former First Lady is said to be having the time of her life and is “happy and relaxed” after leaving the White House. Melania is no stranger to luxury, and she has been sighted several times going to the on-site spa at the Mar-a-Lago resort. 

Through it all, Melania is said not to be mingling with people around and rarely interacts with her spouse’s staff. And unlike Trump, the mom-of-one has stayed out of politics. 

However, she has been up and about concerning her mom duties, always glad to spend time with her teenage son. Melania also enjoys leisure time with her parents, who are often sighted at the resort. 

Towards the time of her White House exit, sources said Melania was eager to leave and just wanted “to go home.” Around the same time, the former model was said to have scouted for office space to continue her “Be Best” initiative for child well-being and anti-cyberbullying. 

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