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A Detailed Review of the Top Four Kelly Clarkson Songs

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There are various top-charting hit songs by the Princess of Pop; however, what are the top four Kelly Clarkson songs?

On September 4, 2022, Kelly Clarkson heard her name announced as the winner of the first edition of “American Idol.” The announcement brought an end to weeks of grueling contests and eliminations she had faced up until that point.

Months before, Clarkson was working odd jobs to make ends meet. However, at that moment, she emerged as the winner of a show with 10,000 original contestants. She would not have joined the contest without a lovely friend who told her about the event.

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After unsuccessfully pursuing a musical career in Los Angeles, she finally made her dream come true. By winning the competition, Clarkson got herself a million-dollar RCA record contract. 

Kelly Clarkson
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The talented Texan grabbed the opportunity with both hands by releasing top-charting songs back to back. Clarkson transformed herself from that “American Idol winner” to a household name in the music industry. 

Since winning the competition, Clarkson has released nine albums and several hit songs. Below we’ll be examining her top four songs and their impact on the music industry.

Since U Been Gone (Breakaway)

When Kelly Clarkson released her second album, “Breakaway” in 2004, the “American Idol” alumni had much to prove. After winning the competition “Thankful,” her first album didn’t do much to enhance her reputation.

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The album featured the same hip-hop style that dominated the early 2000s and didn’t show anything new. So when “Breakway” came out in 2004, people expected more from her, and she didn’t disappoint. 

Although the album featured several big songs, the track “Since U Been Gone” stood out. For three minutes and eight seconds, during which the music lasted, Clarkson produced a perfect pop song.

After hearing the song for the first time, Clarkson thought it sounded a little “poppy.” She then suggested producer Max Martin add heavy guitar and drums. That suggestion worked wonderfully well, transforming the song into a pop/rock hybrid.

The song offered something different to the already dominating pop songs. Even rock artists like Dave Grohl and Ted Leo have confessed their love for the track, with Leo recording a cover. 

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The song’s strong hook, excellently written by Max Martin and Dr. Luke, remained a favorite for years. In addition, Clarkson brought freshness to the lyrics, exhuming the emotion of unrequited love and the need for revenge.

Commercially the song had a positive effect on the careers of Clarkson and both producers. “Since U Been Gone” earned Clarkson a Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance. The album won another Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Album.

My Life Would Suck Without You (All I Ever Wanted)

Kelly Clarkson stunned fans when she released her fourth album “All I Ever Wanted” in 2009. The album’s lead single, “My Life Would Suck Without You,” welcomed people into the new year. 

The song talks about a woman who can’t let go of her relationship with a dysfunctional man. “My Life Would Suck Without You,” co-written again by Dr. Luke and Max Martin, became an instant hit song.

On the Billboard Hot 100, the song jumped from No.97 to No.1. It broke a record for the biggest leap to the top spot by a song on the chart. Clarkson became the first former “American Idol” contestant to top the Hot 100 with a song that wasn’t featured on the show.

She performed the song for the first time on “American Idol” on March 11, 2009. Afterward, when Ryan Seacrest asked who she wrote the song about, Clarkson explained it was not about a specific person. Instead, she explained:

“I’m not in a relationship right now, but I love the dynamic of the message: You’re so screwed up, but you’re perfect for each other. I probably will be like that in a relationship someday.”

Clarkson’s album “All I Ever Wanted” made it to No. 1 in the United States. The album sold 255,000 copies in the first week. 

What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger)

Clarkson released her fifth studio album “Stronger,” in 2011. Like her previous album, this also featured a couple of hit songs. However, the titular track “What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger)” shone above the rest.

Before the song’s release, Clarkson told MTV News the track reminded her of one of her all-time favorite songs. She said:

“That’ll be the one [that’s] kinda like “Since U Been Gone,” [with] people jumping up and down to [it], and it’s just kind of really inspiring, so I can’t wait to perform that one.”

The song, inspired by Friedrich Nietzsche’s quote, “That which does not kill us makes us stronger,” became Clarkson’s third number one song. But, surprisingly, the track also became a drag anthem.

Speaking to an Australian gay publication, Clarkson disclosed that although she wasn’t a drag queen, she loved the song. She revealed that “What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger)” is one of her favorite songs due to the beat and message.

The track also rose to number one on the Dance/Club Play Songs Chart. With that milestone, Clarkson became the first artist to have topped the Hot 100 in Dance/Club Play Songs, Country Songs, Adult Contemporary, and Adult Pop Songs categories.

Moment Like This (Thankful)

After winning “American Idol,” Clarkson released her first single, “Thankful,” after performing it on the show. The song immediately broke the record for the biggest jump to No.1, moving from No. 52. “The Beatles” previously held that mantle for 37 years.

The song written by industry giants Jorgen Elofsson and John Reid became the biggest selling single in the USA in 2002. While performing the music on the show, Clarkson understandably teared up.

After weeks of grueling contests on the show, “Thankful” perfectly represented how she felt at that moment. Clarkson has since then turned into a musical powerhouse, but that iconic moment definitely defined her career.

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