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911 Call Reveals Lloyd Austin’s Security Detail Requested No Sirens or Lights on His Ambulance

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Source: Famartin/Wikimedia Commons

There was obviously a lot of secrecy surrounding the medical status of the recently ailing US Secretary of Defense, Retd General Lloyd Austin. The personnel specifically requested an ambulance without lights and sirens in a 911 call recording by his security detail. 

The security details were arranging to move Lloyd from his residence to an undisclosed medical facility. In the caller’s words, “We are trying to remain a little subtle,” in reference to the no-lights and no-sirens request. 

However, it has now been revealed that the 70-year-old Austin was receiving treatment for prostate cancer. He also had to go back to the hospital at some point to treat a post-surgery infection. 

Austin received medical attention at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and returned home on Monday for some convalescence. The interesting thing about Austin’s illness was that he kept it secret from even the White House. 

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The Fairfax County dispatch center handled the 911 call, an excellent pointer to the distress call coming from Austin’s home. USA Today obtained the call recording on Monday, but names and addresses on it have been censored. 

However, USA Today confirmed that the call was made from Austin’s residence and was put through by one of his security details. The orderly was trying to move his boss from his North Virginia home to the Walter Reed hospital. 

Likewise, reporters from USA Today went out of their way to obtain the January 1 Fire and Rescue log for Fairfax County. According to the log, an ambulance and firetruck were dispatched to Secretary Austin’s residence between 7:11 and 8:26 pm. 

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So far, the Secretary of Defense has come under fire for shrouding his illness in secrecy. Both GOP and Democrat politicians request that Secretary Austin explain such absence of communication. As the sixth designated official in the line of succession to the US President, many lawmakers feel he should have informed relevant authorities about his health battles. 

According to these backlashers, Austin has no excuse whatsoever. Many also refuse the “It’s just a minor illness” narrative. If an illness will cause a senior US official to seek medical attention in a hospital for several days and need several more for recovery, then maybe they ought to communicate it officially to the President, Congress, and even their direct staff members. 

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John Kirby, the national security spokesman for the US President, acknowledged that there was no official communication to the White House about Austin’s illness. In an official statement, Kirby said, “It is not optimal for a situation like this to go as long as it did without the commander-in-chief knowing about it or the national security adviser knowing about it.” 

Austin’s doctors assure that he will soon be out of recovery. However, there are speculations that the Secretary may have to appear before Congress after his recovery. The Lawmakers may require an explanation of his flagrant secrecy. 

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