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8 Ways to Wear a Scarf This Summer

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Even though you think it’s too hot to wear them, scarves are one of the chicest summer accessories. In the ’90s, celebs started getting creative with scarves, and the scarf top trend was born. As a trend, it is split into two basic styles.

flowery scarf
Source: Pinterest

Some tops are inspired by silk scarves, thanks to their fabric and fit, and then there are actual scarves, either silky or bandanas, tied around the torso and worn as a shirt. The former offers more coverage and, if lucky, even some built-in bust support. The latter is a scarf covering your chest with a knot and a prayer. Whichever scarf top style is calling your name, you’ll appreciate these eight ways to style a scarf top based on celebrity and street style looks from every era. It’s not the most practical trend we’ve seen spring out of the Y2K revival, but it is fun, summery, and great for ultra-hot days.

Halter Scarf

You’ll want your biggest silk scarf, think surface area, people plus some bust support, be it a sticky bra, boob tape, or strapless bra. However, this look is best worn under lightweight outerwear like a linen blazer or cotton cardigan. Knot the scarf at your neck to create a draped silhouette, tie the corners at your waist, and tuck the rest into the waistband of your jeans. Add a belt and hit the town.

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halter scarf
Source: Pinterest

There are many ways to wear a scarf; a halter top is a perfect example of how diverse scarfs can be. Tie it around your neck for an excellent slouch neck look, ideal for summer.

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The Perfect Summer Top

Breathe new life into a dark-toned suit by swapping out a blouse for a brightly colored scarf top tied in a halter style. We love this approach to wearing a scarf top because it offers plenty of coverage while still feeling like a fresh, elevated take on a business casual vibe.

scarf used as a top
Source: Pinterest

There are endless opportunities to wear your scarf as a top. Tie it in the front, tie it on the shoulder for an off-the-shoulder look, or go with a strapless look.

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Layover Shoulders

Do you need a quick cover for your shoulders while you’re sitting and watching the waves at the beach? Pop your scarf over your shoulder for added sun protection. 

scarf covering the shoulders
Source: Pinterest

Are you heading out for a drink and want to add a little extra something to your outfit? Wrap it around your neck and shoulders for some added modesty, or drape it over your shoulders for a classy, fun look.

A Bag Tie

Want to add some color to your gorgeous black bag? Add a scarf! You can attach it to one end and have it beautifully draped down.

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Scarf wrapped around a bag
Source: Pinterest

You can also wrap your scarf around the handle of your bag for extra color.

A Sarong

Are you at the beach, pool, or lake and need to add some modesty to your bathing suit? Use your gorgeous scarf as a sarong.

A sarong
Source: Pinterest

Just wrap it around your waist and tie, and you’re good to go. Besides adding modesty to your bathing suit, it has a classy finish.

A Beautiful Belt

Do you have an all-black/white outfit that just needs a little something? Thread your scarf through the loops of your jeans. 

scarf being used as a belt
Source: Pinterest

Also, if you have a lovely oversized dress that needs a bit of shape, pop your scarf around your waist and tie it at the front or back, depending on the outfit’s vibe.

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Stunning Hair Tie

For a fun, classy, effortlessly sleek look, pop your gorgeous scarf in your hair. There are endless possibilities with this one.

Scarf being used as a hair tie
Source: Pinterest

Pop your hair in a half ponytail and tie the scarf around your pony. You can also use it as a headband, a cute small bandana, or a French plait.

Cami Scarf Top

This style of scarf top is top first, scarf second. If you want to dip your toe into the scarf top trend, Beyoncé’s “Say My Name” era style is one way to experience the vibe without risking a wardrobe malfunction.

Cami scarf top
Source: Pinterest

Conclusively, have some fun with it and experiment on how to wear it in whatever way works best for you and makes you feel the best.

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