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12 Times The Royals Have Proven To Be Just Like Us

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Protocols or not, falling prey to unforeseen situations resulting in major slips can befall anyone at some point, even the royals.

The royals lead such a protocol-dictated life that it’s sometimes impossible to believe they are just as human as the rest of the world.

Yet, underneath the veils and tiaras and calculated smiles lies a human who lives, breathes, and experiences major slip-ups, like everyone else.

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With so many protocols governing their existence, seeing these high-profile figures encounter such down-to-earth moments is a rare occurrence.

Duchess Vamille and Prince Charles go shopping | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Yet, some of these few out-of-character displays have been captured on camera over the years and cemented in the hearts of the ordinary folks.

From wardrobe malfunctions to doing their own grocery shopping, members of the royal family have proven themselves capable of exploring even the most ordinary things.

Here, we explore some of these royal moments, which caught the eyes of the public at some point, and prove the royals are just like us.

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1. Even Royals Borrow Outfits

One wardrobe slip experienced by Prince Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle in 2018 proved to the world that royals borrow outfits.

During her trip to Tonga in 2018 alongside her husband, the “Suits” alum wore a red dress that made her look radiant. However, a closer look showed the return label of the outfit poking out. Yikes!

Meghan Markle's dress had a return label | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

2. They Miss Targets Too

Her miss sent Prince Williams on a laughing spree as the Duchess laid out her apologies. The cute couple’s reaction to the slip seems like something the rest of us would have done.

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton is good at a lot of things, but archery doesn’t seem to be one of them. During the Cambridges’ royal tour of Bhutan in April 2016, the mother of three tried her hands at archery and massively missed the target.

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Kate Middleton tries her hands at archery and misses | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

3. Oops! The Shoes

During Middleton’s 2013 visit to Mons Barracks Aldershot at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, the Cambridge royal nearly lost balance as her heels ended up caught in a grate.

It took some time and effort for her to successfully dislodge the shoes and continue on her way. Luckily she had some royal guards on hand to hold on to during the struggle and prevent further slips.

Kate Middleton's shoes got stuck in a great | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

4. The Queen Takes The Train

Queen Elizabeth II has proved countless times she is just like us by traveling via public transportation. Notably, a long-standing tradition within the royal family involves Her Majesty boarding a train to Sandringham House for her annual Christmas vacation.

If you think that’s mind-blowing, how about taking the bus! Yes, the Queen has been captured doing that too. She is indeed a woman of the people.

Queen Elizabeth takes the train | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

5. Gardening Is Their Thing

It’s no news that the royals are big on conserving the planet by doing things that reduce global warming and the greenhouse effects. And that includes tending the garden and planting trees.

But who would have thought the royal family monarch, Queen Elizabeth would actually handle the shovel herself. Here we see her do just that while managing to maintain her royal aura, poise, and charisma.

6. Doing Karaoke With their Favorite Artist

The Duke of Cambridge, Prince William is just like us when it comes to snagging a memorable stage moment with a beloved star. And he sings too!

The future King of the United Kingdom once went on stage to perform a hearty Karaoke with singers Bon Jovi and Taylor Swift during a public engagement. He looked visibly excited as he blasted his lyrics into the mic.

Prince William does karaoke with Taylor Swift and Bon Jovi | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

7. Royal Babies Have Meltdowns

Having to cajole a crying toddler isn’t something relegated to the common folks, and Princess Charlotte gave us the perfect evidence to prove that.

A picture taken in 2017 following the Cambridges’ three-day tour of Germany showed the little princess crying her eyes out as the family made their way to board their flight.

A worried Middleton stooped to console the toddler affectionately while Prince William and Prince George walked on beside them.

8. They make Funny Faces

There’s always that clownish relative who strives to ruin family photos or make things more interesting by pulling funny faces.

Here, Prince Sverre Magnus, the third in line to the Norwegian Throne proved to be our man! He displayed a funny face as his family posed for a photo shoot. Rumor has it that the prince also dabs, picks his nose, and even yawns carelessly in public.

The Norwegian royal family | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

9. The Wind Turns Against Them

Having wardrobe malfunctions due to a rogue wind blast is something that happens to the best of us. Apparently, even royals too. And several members of the royal family have made the news on occasion for such mishap.

Kate Middleton almost experienced an embarrassing moment in 2013, while accepting flowers from a kid at the Place2Be Forum.

Her dress chose the wrong time to become windswept, riding dangerously higher than “royally” appropriate as she bent a little to address the youngster.

The Duchess of Cornwall suffered a similar mishap during Princess Charlotte’s christening, as her dress kept blowing up outside the Church of St. Mary Magdalene.

Kate Middleton's dress was wind swept | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

10. Royal Kids At Their Most-Mischievous

In the late ‘80s, Prince Harry and his brother, Prince William were among the latest royal kids and lived up to the tag to their heart’s content, even infusing some moments of mischief.

A photo captured showed a young Harry sticking out his tongue at the audience as his mom, Princess Diana, carried him in her arms. The late princess didn’t look too happy with his demeanor.

Years later, the new generation of royal kids has had their moments of mischief at some point. Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and other royal kids have been captured on occasions making faces at the audience while sticking out their tongues.

A young Prince Harry sticks out his tongue | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

11. They make Their Own Toast

It’s already an overwhelming thought to imagine the royals eating a meal as ordinary as toast! But to think they could actually prepare it themselves, that’s on another level.

A decades-old photo showed a teenage-Prince Harry, clad in his Eton College Uniform, seated on a cabinet top as he struggled with the toaster.

A crunchy, delicious-looking toast popped out of the machine, proving the royal lad indeed knew his way around the toaster. Moreso, in a communal kitchen!

Prince Harry | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

12. Their Umbrellas Misbehave Too

Ever been stuck with an umbrella on a windy day? Exactly, that sucks. As royals, one would think they have specially designed umbrellas to withstand inclement weather.

But it turns out their umbrellas get wind-blown, just like the rest of us have experienced at some point. During her visit to Wiltshire in 2011, the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla Bowles, struggled to keep her umbrella from blowing over in the middle of a windy day.

Two of her companions rushed in at the nick of time to steady her and prevent the disaster from escalating, but that only made the moment more awkward.

Duchess Camille struggles with Umbrella | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

So next time you find yourself in a particularly embarrassing moment or dealing with a situation you believe is beneath your status, remember that even the royals engage in the most ordinary things, just like us.

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