Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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X Users Support Ana Navarro for Commending Joe Biden’s “Class Act” Amid Church Protest

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A collage of President Biden trying to calm hecklers who interrupted his speech
Source: CTV News/YouTube

A video of pro-ceasefire protesters has gone viral on X. Ana Navarro commended the calm response of President Joe Biden when the hecklers disrupted his speech at the Mother Emanuel Ame Church in South Carolina. 

Navarro is the host of “The View.” She obviously disagreed with the protesters’ conduct and applauded the President for his calm response to the awkward situation. 

During the show, Navarro said, “Biden is a class act,” she also called out the inappropriateness of having such a protest in a church. 

The protest was bizarre as three adults stood up from the church congregation. One of them asked why the President was not making efforts to get the Israeli forces out of Gaza. Before the President could respond, the protesters started chanting, “Ceasefire!”

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As the drama unraveled, President Biden remained calm. Eventually, the protesters were excused from the gathering. Protocol officers of the church showed the hecklers the door. As the protesters were leaving, their voices did not stop reverberating to make a final mark on the audience.

Unfortunately for them, the other members of the audience raised their voices to chant something that sounded like “Go Biden.” This successfully drowned out the noise of the leaving protesters.

However, after the protesters left, Biden still went through the trouble of explaining that he understands how bad the ongoing carnage in the Gaza Strip is. He also added that he is doing everything possible to see that the fighting stops soon. However, Biden quickly pointed out his efforts toward peace in the Gaza Strip were not glamorous.

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The Mother Emanuel Ame Church is a Methodist Episcopalian Church in Charleston, South Carolina. That same sanctuary was the scene of a shooting on June 17, 2015, that saw the death of nine people.

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Ana Navarro also shared a video of the occurrence on X. Since then, several other users have supported Navarro in her impression of Biden’s comportment at the event. Her caption on the video reads, “Americans have the right to free speech, the right to protest. But there is something terribly disrespectful and wrong about doing this in a Church, more so, a church where nine people lost their lives some years ago.”

Like Navarro, many X Users criticized the protesters for the choice of place to voice their displeasure. While it is true that American democracy sits on a bedrock of free speech, critics feel that having that protest in a church was inappropriate.

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For example, in response to MSNBC’s X post about the Biden speech interruption, @MelissaHal25764 wrote, “He handled it with so much grace and compassion love having an adult in the White House.” This is quite ironic, though, because many Americans have criticized the recent trend of baby boomers becoming the POTUS. 

Similar reactions kept trickling in under the MSNBC post. Some of the commenters are probably Democrats, as one posted, “He calmly responds with empathy and honesty. Class act. #BidenHarris2024.” The poster, @AliciaK58, probably indicates their allegiance for the coming elections in November.

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