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Woman Who Left the Note: ‘If You Don’t Hear from Me, Call the Police’ Found Dead after Visiting Her Ex

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A 33-year-old Shelby Woman turned up dead in the trunk of her car after going missing for eighteen days. Before disappearing she left a note with her friend, asking her to call the police if she went AWOL.

A woman from Shelby, Melinda Davis, 33, was discovered dead on Sunday night, days after the Richland County Sheriff’s Office declared her missing.

Officers found her body in the trunk of her car,  following a tip from a citizen. The informant discovered the vehicle abandoned in the parking lot of an apartment complex near Galloway, Ohio.

The complex, located on the 5600 block of Zachary Court, was a stone throw from the factory where the victim’s ex, John Henry Mack worked as a truck driver.

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Reports show that the woman went missing on February 25, after setting out in her car to hook up with her ex-boyfriend in Mansfield.

According to court documents, Davis contacted a friend while driving to Mansfield, informing her of her destination. The friend also confirmed that the victim asked her, via text message, to notify the police if she did not hear from her afterward.

When the Shelby woman, a mother of four, failed to show up for a pre-scheduled breakfast with her niece later that day, family members informed the police.

Sheriff’s deputies stormed Mack’s home shortly after but found no sign of him or his ex-girlfriend. After searching the apartment, they discovered traces of the victim’s blood, leading them to charge Mack with kidnapping.

Eighteen days of toiling eventually paid off, but it was too late for Melinda Davis

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Following one week of evading arrest, U.S Marshals found John Mack and arrested him, on a count of kidnapping in connection with Davis’ disappearance. He was charged on March 1.

The suspect’s son, Jabyn Mack, 18, was also charged with one count of obstructing justice. Jabyn’s 18-year-old wife, Alexandria received the same charge. Both ended up in police custody, but later secured their release on $5,000 bonds each.

On March 5, Melinda’s ex-boyfriend, who was the main suspect in her kidnapping was arraigned before the Mansfield Municipal Court. He pleaded not guilty to the charges.

The Judge, Magistrate John McCollister, ordered the suspect’s detainment on a $1 million bond and personal recognizance.

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All efforts to locate the missing woman proved abortive, despite continuous searches organized by family and friends. The family offered a reward of $5,000 to anyone who found the location of Davis or her vehicle, a black 2013 Volkswagen Jetta.

A latter contribution by an anonymous donor upped the amount to $10,000. Their eighteen days of toiling eventually paid off, but it was too late for Melinda Davis who turned up dead.

The family intends to have a beautiful funeral in the victim’s honor and enlists the help of the public to make it a success.

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