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Who Is Holly Burrell, the Woman Who Shares a Great Bond With Ty Burrell?

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Ty Burrell, the beloved actor from the ABC hit sitcom Modern Family, doesn’t hesitate to credit his success to his wife, Holly Burrell.

Ty Burrell revealed that his wife, Holly Burrell taught him the true meaning of unconditional love and family. Holly’s influence helped shape Ty into the person, actor, and father he is. Ty openly declared that she assumes the role of the effortlessly cool parent within their household.

Holly was a part of the Shakespeare Festival in DC, where she met her husband. Sharing mutual interests, Holly readily embraced Ty’s advances without hesitation when he extended an invitation. Reflecting upon this pivotal moment, she regards it as one of the most remarkable decisions in her life, forever grateful for the blessings she cherishes.

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Ty and Holly (Source: Pinterest)

Holly Burrell’s Early Life, Education, and Career

Holly hails from a tight-knit Mormon family. She was born in Fruit Heights, Utah, on November 25, 1975. Her parents shared her passion for art, music, and gardening, creating a nurturing environment. Holly developed a profound affection for her home state growing up amidst love.

Holly graduated from an unknown high school. However, we know she moved on to get a degree in theatre from the University of Utah. Later, she attended a French culinary institute to become a pastry chef.

She has dabbled into different careers over the years. After graduating from the university, she moved to Washington, DC, where she worked at the Shakespeare Theatre. However, realizing the acting profession was highly competitive; Holly switched to her passion which has always been food.

It has also been reported that she quit acting to support her husband’s career. She worked in a bakery until she moved to Los Angeles to help her husband. 

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Holly Sees Cooking as the Core of Life

Holly’s main interest over the years has been food and family. She revealed that food was a primary thing in her and her family’s life. Holly says she spends much time and energy thinking about and reading about Food.

Holly and her husband (Source: Pinterest)

So, while we don’t know if she still cooks as a profession, we know that she is reading about food when she isn’t cooking for her family. Some of her recipes, like “baked vegetable risotto,” are available on Pinterest.

While to date, Holly has not published any cookbook; her recipes are often discussed on Mouth Feelings, a podcast via the Radio Republic. She’s also not active on any known social media handle.

Holly Burrell’s Husband Is a Multi-Talented Actor and Comedy Maestro

Holly Burrell’s husband, the remarkable Ty Burrell, began his cinematic journey in 2001 with notable roles in Evolution and Black Hawk Down. He continued to make waves in the industry, starring in the 2004 remake of Dawn of the Dead, leaving a lasting impression on horror enthusiasts.

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However, it was his theater experiences that highlighted Ty’s artistic range. From his captivating portrayal in Broadway’s revival of Macbeth in 2000 to his stunning performances in off-Broadway plays such as Corners, The Blue Demon, Burn This, and Show People, Tim’s stage presence was undeniable.

He co-wrote and acted in Russell Dyball’s original production, The Red Herring O’ Happiness. Ty’s television stardom reached new heights with his role as Phil Dunphy, the lovable realtor, in the acclaimed ABC sitcom Modern Family.

He received nominations for the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Male Actor in a Comedy Series. Ty triumphed over the legendary Alec Baldwin, breaking his seven-year winning streak, as he clinched the individual SAG award in 2014. 

Ty and Holly (Source: Pinterest)

He signed an overall deal with 20th Century Fox Television in November 2014, showcasing his commitment to developing exciting comedy projects. This partnership continued in July 2020 as Ty established his own production company, Desert Whale Productions, further expanding his creative horizons.

Holly Burrell and Her Husband Adopted Their Children

Faced with the challenge of being unable to have children of their own in 2010, the Burrells turned to adoption. They shared the news of becoming parents to their first daughter through adoption, Frances. Two years after adopting Frances, in March 2012, they adopted their second daughter, Gretchen. Both daughters are Black Americans.

Holly Burrell and Her Husband Were Once Servers

Before fame and fortune, there was a time when Ty Burrell and his wife, Holly, found themselves working as servers. Reflecting on their server days, Ty fondly recalls his wife’s talent for the job, admitting she was pretty good at it. However, Ty’s left much to be desired as a waiter.

In true Phil Dunphy fashion, he humorously admits to his lack of multitasking skills, often resulting in spilled drinks and forgotten steps. It’s clear that waiting tables was not his calling, but being friendly came naturally to him.

When the Coronavirus pandemic shut down Salt Lake City’s bustling restaurant scene, leaving around 15,000 servers without income, the Burrells decided to take action. In an inspiring display of generosity, they wrote a check for an astonishing $100,000 — one of the most generous tips in Utah’s history.

Holly and Ty on the red carpet (Source: Pinterest)

Their act of kindness didn’t stop there. Partnering with Salt Lake City and the Downtown Alliance, the Burrells launched an online fund called Tip Your Server. This initiative allows individuals to contribute to support servers affected by the pandemic.

Holly Burrell’s Net Worth

Holly has accumulated an impressive sum of around $3 million. On the other hand, her spouse, Ty Burrell, is estimated to possess a net worth of approximately $26 million.

Holly Burrel is not the only woman who supports her husband’s dreams and career. Bunnie XO is a powerful support system for her husband. She has proven to be more than just a pretty face.

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