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Who Is Missy Elliott’s Husband? A Look Into the Rapper’s Rumour-Filled Lovelife

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“Missy Elliott’s husband” is a phrase that has come up multiple times over the years on the internet. However, there have been no forthcoming answers because she keeps her love life private. 

Missy Elliott, born Melissa Arnette Elliott, is an American rapper and music producer. She made a name for herself in the male-dominated rap industry. Her success is significantly due to her writing, rapping, singing, and music production talents. 

Missy Elliot
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As a young girl, Elliott had an affinity for showbiz. However, her big break did not come until 1991. Around that time, DeVante Swing, a Jodeci band member, noticed her band, Sista. 

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He signed the band to his Swing Mob Records label, but there was a lack of funds. As a result, the group could not make a debut album before splitting. At 25, Elliott was offered a life-changing deal with Elektra Entertainment Group. 

It allowed her to write, produce, and record music with her platform, which she named Gold Mind record label, and the rest, is history. Elliott is now one of the most successful female rappers globally.

However, her love life remains vague and secret despite her fame and success. The secrecy led to speculations about the rapper’s love life and sexual orientation. 

Who Is Missy Elliott’s Husband? 

Missy Elliott’s husband does not exist. That’s right, the talented rapper has never been married and has rarely been romantically linked to any man. 

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This has further fueled speculation on her sexual orientation. Indeed, since she found fame, her sexuality has been the subject of many discussions.

Many believe Elliott is gay, and many rumors link her to multiple romantic relationships with other female stars, including Lil Kim, Sharaya J, and Olivia Longott.  

Missy Elliott’s Alleged Romantic Relationships

Over the years, the list of women Elliott allegedly had affairs with has grown longer. Elliott never tries to clear them up, but the women have sometimes come forward to offer clarity, declaring nothing sexual happened between them. 

Elliott and Olivia Longott

It is widely speculated that Elliott and Olivia dated for two years when Olivia was a member of the G-Unit stable. They were rumors, of course, and were not taken seriously. That is until rapper 50 Cent revealed that the two women had been involved romantically.

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He made this claim during an interview in 2014, in which he answered questions about his poor working relationship with Olivia. As a result, his statement gave little credibility to the rumor.

Olivia Longott smiling
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Elliott did not confirm their relationship. However, old pictures have since surfaced that prove the two women knew each other and used to spend time together. 

Elliott and Sharaya J

Rumors about Elliott’s alleged marriage to Sharaya J, an upcoming rapper signed to Elliott’s record company, made headlines. In her usual fashion, Elliott made no comments to dissipate the rumors.

Sharaya J
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However, Sharaya once called Elliott her “music mother,” leading people to believe the pair never had anything romantic going on between them. 

Elliott and Lil Kim

Elliott and Lil Kim’s friendship can be traced back to the mid-90s when they connected over music. There have been rumors that the two were involved sexually. However, that’s all they are. 

Missy Elliott and Lil Kim
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According to reports, Kim considers Elliott her sister, which sounds plausible given that they have been close friends for over two decades. 

Elliot and Eva Marcille

Elliot is friends with Eva Marcille, but there have also been rumors about them dating. The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star debunked the speculations in one of her interviews.

Eva Marcille
Image: Pinterest

She said their paths crossed a lot in the past because they were under the same management. Marcille also revealed that Elliott is “non-confrontational” and would never address such rumors. 

Elliott Wants a Kid

Although Elliott prefers not to talk publicly about her private life, and there’s no Missy Elliot’s husband, she wants to have a child. According to the rapper, she wouldn’t mind having one but is unwilling to carry the child herself out of fear of the pain of delivery. 

Also, while Elliott is not the first celebrity to be involved in gay rumors, many believe her silence is deafening. Plus, given how many rumors exist about her dating other women, the speculations will remain while the truth remains unknown.

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