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What Has Toby Keith Been Up to Since News of His Cancer Diagnosis

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Toby Keith shocked the world with news of his cancer diagnosis in 2022. Since then, he has made impressive strides while keeping a low profile.

In June 2022, country singer Toby Keith broke the shocking news of his battle with stomach cancer, taking the world by surprise. Utilizing his social media accounts, the star discussed his treatment options, including chemo, radiation, and surgery, all of which he underwent in the last six months.

Going further, the star explained that, resulting from his daunting treatment sessions, he needed time to breathe. Hence, he opted to take a break from his career, giving himself much-needed relaxation time with his family.

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Subsequently, the crooner canceled a lineup of tours he had scheduled for the following months, including a July 28 Ohio State Fair performance.

Toby Keith news | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Since then, little has been heard of the 61-year-old. As his absence prevailed, rumors of his death soon flooded the media, leaving many wondering if the legend had secretly passed on for real.

While that is most unlikely, what has Toby Keith been up to under the radar since sharing news of his health condition?

What Has Toby Keith Been Up To?

Since news of his cancer diagnosis went public, Toby Keith has maintained a low-key existence. However, he has not entirely kept away from his career or the numerous fans rooting for him.

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Contrariwise, the singer has graced a few select events to perform and has kept his fans up to date on his health through his social media platforms.

Toby Keith on stage | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Outside the walls of his career and fame, the icon has dedicated these past months to spending time with family while also seeing to his health needs through required treatments.

Toby Keith Cancelled His 2022 Ohio State Fair Performance

Following the News of Keith’s cancer diagnosis, the Ohio state fair took to social media to announce the singer canceled his tour, scheduled for July 28, for health reasons.

Ultimately, those who purchased tickets for the event received refunds in the subsequent days. Like the Ohio Fair performance, most of Keith’s other concerts scheduled for 2022 were canceled, including his planned stop in Wheaton, Illinois, on June 17.

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Months prior, he released his 19th studio album titled “Peso in My Pocket,” which dropped in 2021. The album contained hit tracks like “Old School,” “Old Me Better,” Peso in My Pocket,” and “Days I Shoulda Died,” among others.

He Failed To Appear In Person At The SabesWings Benefit For Cancer Patients

In September 2022, representatives of Toby Keith announced the icon would no longer appear in person at the SabesWings benefit for cancer patients in Paso Robles.

The event, which focused on raising funds for cancer patients, was set to hold on the last weekend of September. A spokesperson for SabesWings explained his absence via email, saying:

“He is still recovering, and it is a tough week. He, unfortunately, will not be able to attend the event in Paso Robles this weekend.”

Despite the country star’s absence, the SabesWings benefit opted to honor his works with Toby Keith Foundation. Keith set up the cause years back to support people with pediatric cancer and their families.

Toby Keith photo | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Rather than appear in person, they encouraged the musician to compose a pre-recorded acceptance speech. The speech was played after the star was called to receive his lifetime achievement award at the SabesWings “Strike Out” benefit award held on Sunday, September 5, 2022.

Prior to sharing news of his cancer diagnosis, Toby Keith, who has a net worth of $365 million, championed a handful of charities dedicated to cancer patients and other life-threatening ailments.

He hosted the 18th Annual Toby Keith and Friends Golf Classic. The event raised more than $1.38 million for OK Kids Korra.

He Took To The Stage At Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse

In November 2022, about five months after sharing his heartbreaking news, Toby Keith made his grand return to the stage. The singer made a rare performance at Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse, Lexington.

An employee of the restaurant confirmed the big news on social media, revealing the idol chose to sing with the infamous restaurateur Jeff Ruby.

Jeff’s daughter, Britney Ruby Miller, revealed on Facebook that the performance marked the first time Keith sang in over a year, and the performance went on for an hour.

According to, an organization Keith was associated with, the singer visited Lexington to honor the racing championships at Keeneland Race Course. Good thing he made his unusual, history-making stop at Jeff Ruby’s.

He Became Riddled With Death Rumors

In November 2022, rumors of Toby Keith’s death spread across media platforms. The rumor originated from a Facebook account impersonating the singer, sharing a post with the caption, “R.I.P Toby Keith.”

Keith's Guitar performance | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

The post garnered almost a million likes and comments, soon gaining traction on social media. Keith’s representatives had to release a statement confirming the country music star was very much alive.

They also advised fans to stop believing everything they saw on social media. Going further, the reps reminded fans that future updates on the health status of Toby Keith would only come from his verified accounts.

Thus, Keith joined a long list of celebrities who have fallen victim to falsified death rumors. Thankfully, the devastating news of Keith’s death turned out to be false. As for the update on his health, one could only hope the multi-talented entertainer would hold fast in his battle with cancer and emerge on the other side a victor.

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