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What Is Pierce Brosnan’s Net Worth? Insights Into His Road To Stardom

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Pierce Brosnan’s net worth accrued over his long-term career highlights how successful he has become. Here’s how much he’s worth.

Irish American actor Pierce Brosnan is undoubtedly one of the most recognized actors in the movie industry. However, his recognition comes mostly from his role as one of the actors to have played the iconic role of British spy “James Bond” in a series of films. 

Pierce’s acting journey started in London when he was just 15 years old. He joined a theatre group before studying at the Drama Center of London. After graduation, the blue-eyed youngster first worked as an assistant stage manager. Pierce also worked in the circus, thankfully, his fortunes changed

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Pierce Brosnan
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However, the aspiring actor’s first break came unexpectedly later on. He had worked as an understudy for the lead in a Tennessee Williams’ play when suddenly the main actor stepped down before opening night. 

The task fell on Pierce’s shoulders, and he delivered a stunning performance which the play’s author even lauded him for. His performance caught the attention of iconic director Franco Zeffirelli who cast him in a West End play. 

During this period, he met model Cassandra Harris, who would later become his first wife. The duo tied the knot in 1980 and welcomed their son Sean three years later. 

Cassandra, an actress herself, believed Pierce would make it as an actor in Hollywood. But instead, the couple moved to Los Angeles, and Pierce landed the role of a suave detective in NBC’S “Remington Steele.”

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Tragedy and Pierce’s Hollywood Big Break

During his stint on “Remington Steele,” Pierce came to the attention of Cubby Broccoli, who eyed him for the role of James Bond. But unfortunately, Pierce could not get out of his contract with NBC, and the 007 roles went to Timothy Dalton. 

Pierce Brosnan and Cassandra
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Then in 1987, Pierce’s wife Cassandra got diagnosed with Ovarian cancer. Sadly, just four years later, Cassandra died in his arms, leaving him to care for their son and her two eldest kids from her first marriage, whom he had adopted. After her death, Pierce stated

“Cassie has made me the man that I am, the actor I am, the father I am. She’s forever embedded in every fibre of my being. She’s there with me every day. I was so blessed to have met someone like that.”

However, he continued with his acting career starring in movies like “Lawnmower Man” and “Mrs. Doubtfire.” Then, in 1994, Pierce finally got the movie part that had eluded him years before becoming the next actor to portray James Bond. 

His first film in the series “GoldenEye,” made more than $350 million globally, the most for a Bond film back then. The actor topped that with his second bond film, “Tomorrow Never Dies,” which earned record grosses in America. 

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Pierce’s acting brought a welcomed human side to the Bond character, and he reprised his role in “The World Is Not Enough.” His last appearance as Bond came in the movie “Die Another Day,” in 2002. 

However, Pierce’s role as Bond enhanced his reputation in Hollywood, and the actor continued getting top roles. He has starred in multiple top films like “The Tailor of Panama,” “Mamma Mia,” “The Ghost Writer,” and “The Foreigner.”

Pierce Brosnan’s Net Worth 

Since making his big break in the movie industry, Pierce has starred in multiple big movies. However, the “James Bond” role is undoubtedly his biggest. For his role in “GoldenEye,” Pierce earned $4 million.

However, his salary increased significantly as he reprised his role, making $8.2 million for “Tomorrow Never Dies.” $12.4 million for “The World Is Not Enough,” and $16.5 million for “Die Another Day.”

The actor also has a couple of real estate properties around the world from which he also makes money. However, according to Celebrity Net Worth, Pierce Brosnan’s net worth is $200 million. 

Pierce Had a Difficult Childhood 

Although Pierce cuts a figure of someone whose life is perfect, the actor had a rough time growing up. The actor, born in County Meath, Ireland, on May 16, 1953, grew up without his father, who abandoned the family. 

Young Pierce Brosnan
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His mother looked after him alone until she had to go off to London to be a nurse. Afterward, Pierce stayed with his grandparents until they died one after the other. 

Pierce’s aunt Rosie took him in, and he lived with her for a while. However, looking after Pierce became a problem once she wanted to start her own family. So next, he moved in with his Uncle Phil but had to move out when his uncle started his own family. 

The youngster finally landed with a lady called Eileen Reilly, who ran a lodging house. Pierce lived with the lodgers until he was 11 years old. He finally reunited with his mother in London, where he started his journey into acting. 

Pierce Was Removed As “James Bond.”

According to Pierce, the producers of the James Bond movie franchise kicked him out unceremoniously after “Die Another Day.” The actor explained he was in the Bahamas working on the movie “After The Sunset,” when he got the news. 

Pierce Brosnan as James Bond
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Pierce explained that his agents called him and relayed that negotiation for him to reprise his role had stopped. They also informed him that the producers’ Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson would call him. He stated

“I sat in Richard Harris’s house in the Bahamas, and Barbara and Michael were on the line —‘We’re so sorry.’ She was crying, Michael was stoic, and he said, ‘You were a great James Bond. Thank you very much,’ and I said, ‘Thank you very much. Goodbye.’ That was it.

However, according to some reports, Pierce got accused of wanting too much money to reprise his role as Bond. Also, the producers had wanted to rebrand the role with a grittier actor, which was why Daniel Craig ultimately took over. 

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