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What Is Aston Kutcher’s Net Worth? Inside His Shift From Fame to Business

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Ashton Kutcher earned the bulk of his net worth from his multifaceted career, which has seen him explore the entertainment industry and the business world.

Acting may be the most recognized venture undertaken by Ashton Kutcher, but the icon has a handful of other projects up his sleeves. From production to building multimillion-dollar companies. 

Many may not guess this, but the star is also an active participant in numerous humanitarian commitments. Most notably, he is a co-founder of the nonprofit organization, Thorn, alongside actress Demi Moore.

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The nonprofit, established in 2012, has grown into a life-changing establishment that curtails child exploitation in the United States. Forbes spotlighted one of the organizations’ resources, in an article from 2022, which has been helping the police crack cases of sex trafficking in the states.

Ashton Kutcher | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Per the outlet, the app, called Spotlight has been harnessed by the police force over the years to solve such cases, rescue victims, and brings sex offenders to book.

While this is commendable, it is only one of the numerous mind-blowing ventures Kutcher has harnessed to bring his affluence to good use. So what other projects does Ashton Kutcher have under his sleeves and what is his net worth?

What Is Aston Kutcher’s Net Worth?

Per CelebrityNetworth, Ashton Kutcher has a net worth of $200 million, earned through his multiple career ventures. Known for his works in the movie world, the star seems to be taking the back seat in recent years, becoming increasingly absent from the TV screens.

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However, it appears he puts the extra time to more productive use. Some other ventures the star has dabbled into include modeling, screenwriting comedy, voice-acting, film production, and entrepreneurship.

Kutcher’s Rise To Fame

Ashton Kutcher landed the planet on February 7, 1978, alongside his twin brother, Michael, who has battled cerebral palsy since his birth.

Filled with a zeal to succeed, he began his career as a model after dropping out of the University of Iowa, where he studied biological engineering.

In search of better opportunities, he moved to New York City and began modeling full-time, eventually gaining success posing for photos and walking the runway for Calvin Klein.

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His quest to achieve greater heights led Kutcher to Los Angeles to try acting. Before long, he auditioned for a role on “Thet 70s Show,” and snagged the part of Kelso, which skyrocketed him to superstardom.

How Ashton Kutcher Built A Successful Hollywood Career And Stable Net Worth

Breaking big on “That 70s Show” exposed Aston Kutcher to more career opportunities, especially in comedic roles. He went on to star in movies like “Dude, Where’s My Car,” “Just Married,” “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner,” and “The Butterfly Effect.”

Then in 2003, Kutcher ushered in a new era in pop culture with the launch of MTV’s “Punk’d,” which he produced and hosted. This not only paved the way for more hidden camera shows, shows but also opened doors for the star in other entertainment spheres.

His production career officially geared off. He executive produced several MTV reality shows, including “Adventures in Hollywood,” “Beauty and the Geek,” “The Real Wedding Crashers,” and “Opportunity Knocks.”

During this period, Ashton Kutcher kept appearing on “That 70s Show.” In 2006, he made fewer appearances on the show as a special guest star, due to scheduling conflicts with “The Guardian” which he was working on at the time.

Other career-defining movies Ashton Kutcher had credits in include “Killers,” “The Ranch” and “Two and a Half Man,” where he earned up to $800,000 per episode, greatly boosting his net worth.

Kutcher also signed up for voice acting roles on “Shark Tank,” and “Family Guy,” and made a guest appearance on the dating show, “The Bachelor,” in 2017. He has since starred in a handful of movies including the 2022 productions, “Vengeance,” White Hot,” and the upcoming film, “Your Place or Mine.”

Embracing Entrepreneurship

Ever the determined man thirsty for more success, Ashton Kutcher did not rest on his laurels even while earning an estimated $20 million per season on “Two and a Half Man.”

Rather, he worked to establish himself in the business world like several f his counterparts. He began as a venture capitalist, establishing the firm, A-Grade Investment.

His firm made early investments in startups like Uber, Spotify, Neighborly, Kopari Beauty, Zenreach, Shazam, Sound Cloud, and Lemonade among others.

With most of these companies already becoming giants in their respective industries, Ashton Kutcher is guaranteed a steady return on those investments, which is sure to contribute to his net worth.

Aside from his venture capital company, Kutcher is a co-owner of the Los Angeles-based Italian restaurant called Dolce. Although he owns this venture alongside his “That 70s Show” costars Danny Masterson and Wilmer Valderrama, he makes a substantial income from this venture as well, enough to reflect in his overall net worth.

What Is The Net Worth Of Ashton Kutcher’s Wife Mila Kunis?

While Ashton Kutcher has had a successful run in Hollywood and beyond, having an equally talented wife backing him makes his sojourn even more seamless.

Notably, Ashton Kutcher is the husband of actress, Mila Kunis, famous for her roles in “Black Swan,” and “Friends With Benefits,” among others. So far, Kunis’ movie career has garnered her a net worth of $75 million as of December 2022.

Outside their career ventures, the two are parents to two beautiful children, including a daughter Wyatt, and son, Dimitri.

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