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Ways to Paint Your Nails Like a Pro at Home 

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Everyone appreciates a little indulgence, right? Whether it’s a relaxing spa day, a quick shopping spree, or even a cup of iced coffee. When it comes to self-maintenance, giving yourself a fresh manicure can be particularly rewarding. 

While it might take more effort than paying an expert, the result is usually satisfying. Moreover, creating your nail art at home can also serve as a mindfulness exercise. Read on to discover how to achieve a salon-quality manicure using traditional, air-dry polish.

Shape Your Nails

Achieving top-tier nails at home requires careful preparation and attention to detail. You must start by shaping your nails to perfection. While at it, follow the 90/10 general rule. Although it sounds technical, it’s not.

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How To Paint Nails
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Here’s the drill: use the falt-edge nail clippers to trim 90% of your desired length and shape, then use a file to refine the final 10%. Trust me, following this rule reduces the risk of nail tip peeling, preserving nail health.

Push Back Your Cuticles

After getting a perfect nail shape, the next step is to remove any old polish with acetone. While doing this, carefully push your cuticles using a cuticle pusher. Pushing back the cuticles is pretty crucial because painting over cuticles or remaining skin on the nail plate can cause the polish to lift, which nobody wants. 

A Picture of a Woman Applying Nail Polish
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During the process, be extremely careful not to cut your cuticles. Cutting cuticles can cause mild injury or severe infection.

Buff Your Nails

Buffing creates a slightly abrasive surface that helps the polish adhere better. While buffing your nails, carefully do it with a buffer. Since we are discussing your natural nails, ensure you use a buffer with a higher grit, around 220/240. Do not over-buff, as this can weaken your nail plate.

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Cleanse Your Nails

After buffing, cleanse your nails. Not with water, but a lint-free wipe with isopropyl alcohol or a nail prep solution. Afterward, ensure you don’t touch anything or wash your hands.

Winter Nail Ideas
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Apply Your Base Coat

With your nails shaped and prepped, apply a base coat before the color polish. Without the base coat, your nail polish won’t adhere, and your nails might even get stained. When applying, avoid getting the base coat on cuticles or surrounding skin to prevent chipping and lifting. 

How To Paint Nails
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Additionally, ensure complete coverage of the nail plate, as any missed spots can affect the longevity of your manicure.

Add Your Favorite Nail Polish

Choose your favorite nail polish color and apply it to your nails. Bubbles mean a messy application. To avoid that, wipe off excess polish from the brush on the inner edge of the bottle. Apply thin coats of polish, then wait five to ten minutes between each coat for thorough drying. It’s better to apply two to three thin coats than a few thick ones.

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A Picture of a Woman Painting Her Nails
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For a more precise application, here is a helpful technique: Start your brush in the center of your nail, push down towards the base, and then swipe up to the tip. This method prevents polish pooling at the nail base, giving you that neat finish.

Seal With a Top Coat

Finally, seal your manicure with a glossy or matte top coat for extra shine and protection. For future shine, ensure you reapply the top coat every two to three days to maintain a long-lasting DIY nail look.

Dry Your Nails Completely

Give your nails enough time to dry completely, which can take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour, depending on the polish thickness. According to an expert, thinner coats are usually quicker to dry.

Duo Gel-Polish Nails
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Hydrate Your Nails and Cuticles

Once nails are dry, ensure you constantly hydrate or moisturize your cuticle and nail. To hydrate, use cuticle oil or serum twice or thrice daily. This will keep your cuticles healthy and your nails looking fresh. Hydrated cuticles contribute to a polished, long-lasting manicure.

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