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Tyler Poarch: Unveiling the Enigmatic Husband of Bella Poarch

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Tyler Poarch is famous as the husband of Bella Poarch. Bella Poarch is one of the Philippines’ most successful online personalities and the most followed TikTok contributor. She has captivated audiences worldwide with her charm and creativity. Amidst her fame, Bella’s personal life remained a mystery.  

However, when news of her divorce from Tyler surfaced online, fans of the TikTok star became shocked. The surprise soon turned into curiosity, as fans are eager to know more about the elusive husband of Bella Poarch, the intriguing circumstances surrounding their marriage, and subsequent divorce.

Here’s everything we know.

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A picture of Tyler Poarch's wife.
Bella Poarch. (Source: Instagram/@bellapoarch)

Who Is Tyler Poarch: The Husband in the Shadows

Tyler Poarch is well-known as the husband of Bella Poarch. However, unlike his famous wife, Tyler has remained out of the spotlight and away from public scrutiny. As a result, limited information is available about his early life, upbringing, educational background, and personal achievements. His decision to keep a low profile has only fueled curiosity about his mysterious identity.

While there is little information about Tyler’s upbringing, his wife, Bella, was born Denarie Bautista Taylor on February 8, 1997, in the Philippines. The now-famous TikTok star faced early hardships, growing up with her grandmother in the slums until she was three. However, an American father, a veteran of the United States Military, and a Filipina mother adopted her.

Bella’s adoptive parents met in Saudi Arabia before settling in the Philippines. In an interview, Tyler Poarch’s wife, Bella, recounts how she and her adopted brother endured a difficult childhood. Her childhood was marked by abuse until she found solace in enrolling in the military.

How Did Tyler Poarch’s Wife Become a TikTok Sensation and Music Artist?

Bella Poarch’s fame skyrocketed when she created the most-liked video on TikTok. In the viral video, she lip-synced to the song “M to the B” by British rapper Millie B. This video catapulted her to stardom, and she became a TikTok sensation with over 92.8 million followers. Hence, ranking as the third most-followed individual on the platform.

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Apart from her TikTok success, Bella is also a talented singer. In May 2021, she released her debut single, “Build a Bitch,” to critical acclaim. Her immense popularity led to a music record deal with Warner Records in the same year, further solidifying her position as a rising music artist.

A picture of Tyler Poarch's famous wife.
The famous media personality Bella Poarch. (Source: Pinterest)

When Did Tyler Poarch and Bella Poarch Tie the Knot?

In January 2019, Bella and Tyler Poarch exchanged vows in a private and secret wedding ceremony. The couple managed to keep their marital status concealed from the public eye for nearly four years, astounding fans when news of their marriage finally surfaced.

However, as with many celebrity relationships, their union faced challenges. Recently, the TikTok star filed for divorce from Tyler Poarch, signaling the end of their three-year marriage. Bella cited “irreconcilable differences” for their split.

Although their date of separation is undetermined, Bella Poarch has requested neither party make any spousal support payments. She also noted that she will retain her last name moving forward.

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A picture of Bella Poarch.
(Source: Pinterest)

Despite her public persona and immense social media following, the Phillippine-born star kept her marriage and subsequent divorce away from the media’s prying eyes. Consequently, the news of her divorce from Tyler Poarch surprised many fans, who had no idea she was married in the first place.

How Many Children Do Tyler Poarch and Bella Poarch Have?

Although they were together secretly for almost four years, the now-separated couple do not have any child together. After the news of their divorce became public, Tyler Poarch became a subject of curiosity to fans of his famous wife. However, he has chosen to keep his personal life private, avoiding the limelight accompanying his wife’s fame.

While Bella continues to rise to greater heights in her music and social media career, we can only respect Tyler Poarch’s desire for privacy. Similarly, the TikTok star has asked fans and followers to focus on appreciating her creativity, talent, and success without prying into the private lives of those closest to her. 

The allure of mystery surrounding Bella’s husband, Tyler Poarch, is similar to that of Hollywood actress Anna Chlumsky’s husband, Shaun So. Although he has captured the hearts of fans, the celebrity spouse prefers to live away from the glitz and glamour that comes with fame. 

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