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Inside the Tragic Story of Rockstar Meat Loaf’s Health Struggles and how He was ‘Sick of Talking About it’

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Meat Loaf’s sterling career made him a record-breaker and one of the most revered rockstars. Sadly he struggled with health issues until his passing. 

Late rock icon Meat Loaf was known for his phenomenal music as much as his personal life struggles. Meat Loaf made headlines for both his music and the poor state of his health.

As of January 20, 2022, millions of fans paid their last respect to the singer after an announcement was made that he had passed on. Here’s a look through Meat Loaf’s career riled with health complications.

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Inside His Career

After leaving the clutches of an abusive father, Meat Loaf became a Hollywood staple appearing in many movies and honing his rocker skills. He became active in the 1970s, appearing on Broadway and the big screen.

The music star’s acting credits in this period included “Rockabye Hamlet,” “National Lampoon SHow,” “More Than You Deserve,” and “As You Like It.” His appearance in 1975’s “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” marked a pivotal era in his acting career. 

In 1977, the star released his first album, “Bat Out of Hell,” which he made with a long-time pal and composer, Jim Steinman. The debut record witnessed tremendous success and sold over 50 million copies within the United States and Europe. 

To this day, the album maintains a top position in the all-time best-selling music albums. Following the tremendous success, Meat Loaf began touring and promoting his music. Unfortunately, this will end up causing damage.

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Meat Loaf’s Years Of Health Struggles

The star who blurred the lines between music and acting developed a strained voice amid the tour. This made him withdraw from the spotlight as he sought rehabilitation for months. 

The strain rendered Meat Loaf unable to sing for two years. However, after rehabilitation, he returned to the studio and released a second album, “Dead Ringer.” 

While he was away, Meat Loaf did not know how to handle the problem with his voice. He turned to alcohol and experienced an emotional breakdown for one year. 

After his stint with psychotherapy, the Grammy-winning rock star was back in the music scene, with his energy bigger than ever. Unfortunately, Meat Loaf’s unmatched energy on stage only worsened the state of his health.

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Through the 1970s, his energetic performances strained his heath, and amid the 2000s, Meat Loaf collapsed three times on stage. The first time it happened was in 2003 when he performed at a London show. 

After that time, the singer was also diagnosed with Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome. Meat Loaf underwent catheter ablation surgery and later informed fans that the health issues would never occur again.

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Meat Loaf Became Fed Up With Reports on His Health

By the 2010s, there was more news of Meat Loaf collapsing while performing. In addition, he had several back surgeries that had him postponing some of his stage gigs, which got the rumor mills turning.

Soon enough, there were speculations that the star singer was dying, but in 2016, he shut it all down. He shared in an interview with The Mirror:

“Listen, I am not dying. After three months of therapy, I will be fine. I am sick of talking about it. I don’t want to talk about it from now on.”

In November, he appeared on This Morning and insisted his recent back surgery wasn’t connected to his stage fall in any way and admitted it was his wife who persuaded him to perform, despite him suffering from flu at the time.

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How Did Meat Loaf Die?

The energetic music icon sold over 100 million records and appeared in over 65 movies during his lifetime. He was able to achieve this outstanding feat despite his plagued health, even until death. 

How Did Meat Loaf die? The “I’d Do Anything For Love” crooner died at the age of 74, as reports showed he had COVID-19 complications. His passing signified the final note of a decades-long career filled with setbacks. 

The “Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad” singer died with his wife Deborah and daughters Pearl and Amanda by his side. He is thought to have died on January 20, while his family solemnly shared the news in a post on his Facebook page. 

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