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This Is Why Jamie Foxx Admitted He Didn’t like Kissing Beyoncé in “Dreamgirls”

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Many would consider an opportunity to lock lips with hip-hop queen, Beyoncé, one to die for, but not Jamie Foxx. The actor once admitted that kissing the songstress in their 2006 movie, “Dreamgirls,” was an unpleasant experience.

While the chance to kiss a superstar was a prized opportunity to many, Jamie Foxx found one such experience unenjoyable.

The actor admitted this during his stand-up segment in his 2007 show, “Unpredictable,” held in Madison Square. Foxx opened up about his time on “Dreamgirls,” throwing more light on his on-screen kiss with singer Beyoncé.

The actor, who starred as Curtis Taylor in the musical, played the love interest of Beyoncé’s on-screen character, Deena Jones.

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As their love story played out, the two characters had to share a kiss at some point to make their love more convincing. Hence, the disputed lip-locking scene, which Foxx confirmed, was unenjoyable.

Part of his discomfort came from the fact that Beyoncé was, in fact, rapper Jay-Z’s girl. The thought instilled some fear in him, so much so that all he heard during the kiss was “Jigg-aaah!”

Although Jamie Foxx’s joke was a nod at Jay-Z’s 1999 rap number, “Jigga,” it still passed on the message of how awkward it was to lock lips with Queen Bey.

Beyoncé also experienced her fair share of discomfort in their kiss scene. In a 2006 interview, the mother-of-three disclosed that the kiss made her nervous because of her inexperience in on-screen people-kissing.

Beyoncé underwent some daunting routines to prepare for her role as Deena

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Seeing as the scene was essential to solidify Curtis and Deena’s love-marriage, she put in the extra effort. With help from her acting coach, she overcame her nervous feelings and mastered the romantic scene.

Additionally, Beyoncé credited Jamie Foxx’s professionalism with helping them pull off the “quick” kiss successfully. 

The love scene played out at the end of Curtis’ on-stage performance of “That’s My Dream” and easily passed for the most romantic scene in the 2006 musical.

Aside from her tasking preparation for the kiss, Beyoncé underwent some daunting routines to prepare for her role as Deena. 

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Among these preparations was her immense Master Cleanse to lose weight. The “Dreamgirls” star graced an interview in 2010 when she discussed her desire never to go down that path again.

Although it helped her achieve the perfect Deena Jones’ figure, the hip hop artist admitted she would not recommend the process to anyone.

Notwithstanding all the work required to portray the love story of Curtis and Deena, the role players’ creativities were enough to make every scene convincing.

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