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These Are Things to Buy From Costco While on a Retirement Budget

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These Are Things to Buy From Costco While on a Retirement Budget
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Are you a retiree looking to reduce costs and preserve your 401(k)? Costco might be the answer you’ve been looking for. For those who think a Costco membership is not a good investment, a look at the benefits might change your mind.

The warehouse club for members only offers savings opportunities at very low prices. It can easily outweigh the cost of a $60 Gold Star membership or a $120 executive membership. As Costco is a bulk retailer, many assume it only makes sense to shop there if they have a big family.

However, this is wrong. As one can purchase large amounts of products, even a family of three can benefit from this as long as they store them well. While Costco’s perishables may be pricey, there are other departments where one can save a huge amount of money.  

We highlight seven products one can shop for and save money in this stifling economy. First on the list is something everyone needs: Gas. Many Costco stores have gas stations that help with saving at the pump.

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As of this month, regular fast costs cost $2.99 per gallon, and the premium was $3.49 per gallon at Costco in Newark, Delaware. However, gas at Wawa in the same city is higher. It costs $3.15 per gallon and $3.80 for premium there. 

Furthermore, the quality of Costco’s gas is better, and it is more friendly to the environment. Second on the list are prescriptions. Most older people need a lot of drugs, and this can drain retirement funds fast. However, Costco allows members to save up to 80% on prescriptions for the family and pets.

A bottle of Lisinopril, which is usually used to treat high blood pressure, costs $17.68 at Target. At Walmart, it costs $10. A member of Costco can get 90 tablets for as low as $7.99. 

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For those who use eyeglasses or contacts, Costco Optical has you covered. There is a trained professional at each local warehouse who attends to people for a low rate. In addition, they have a wide range of lenses and frames, which usually start at just $59.99. 

Those who need hearing aids are also not left out. Costco Hearing Aid Center has got its members covered. One can get a screening and save big on hearing aids at a local warehouse. One can also save up on hearing accessories such as styles and batteries. 

Thinking of gifting a loved one? Costco has you covered with discounted gift cards for a large variety of options. This way, one can save so much and make their loved ones happy at the same time. 

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In addition, these stores have huge saving options for toilet paper and laundry detergents. As they are essentials, the discounted prices make them much easier to purchase. A 30-pack tissue can go for as low as $23,49 in Costco, while Target will sell at $32.99.

Therefore, Costco is a great idea for those with retirement accounts. Save more while enjoying your much-deserved retirement savings at the same time.

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