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These Are the Most Popular People in the United States

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These Are the Most Popular People in the United States
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The United States of America is home to a lot of world-famous celebrities. However, some of these celebrities are so famous that almost every American of reasonable age knows them.

So, YouGov, a global public opinion and data company, ran a survey to determine the most popular people in the country. This list includes Hollywood stars, living and dead, as well as singers. 

20. Bruce Willis

Starting the list off strong is the ‘Die Hard’ actor Bruce Willis. He has a popularity score of 72%, and only 4% of people dislike him. 

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19. Jack Nicholson

Nicholson may seem a bit cranky sometimes, but he is still one of the most famous Americans today. Thanks to legendary screen appearances, he is loved by 72% of Americans. 

18. Steven Spielberg 

The legendary “Jaws” producer also has a 72% popularity rating. He is also the most popular director in the US. 

17. James Earl Jones

Armed with a voice one doesn’t forget in a hurry, Jones has a popularity of 73%. Even as he is well into his 90s, Americans love this multi-award-winning actor. 

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16. Al Pacino

The actor is quite famous in the US, and 73% of Americans like him. Overall, men like him more than women at a percentage of 78%. 

15. Anthony Hopkins 

The 86-year-old actor is quite famous in the US, with a 74% popularity level. Many people across different generations know and adore him thanks to his impeccable acting skills. 

14. Ryan Reynolds 

The “Deadpool” actor is the first foreigner and Canadian on this list. 73% of Americans love him, and it sure helps that his wife is the American sweetheart, Blake Lively. 

13. Stevie Wonder

Wonder is arguably one of the best musicians the world has ever seen, and 74% of Americans adore him. He is the most popular Soul and Funk artist. 

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12. Tom Hanks 

74% of Americans love the actor who played famous singing heartthrob Elvis in the self-titled biopic. 

11. Clint Eastwood

About 74% of Americans love this legendary actor despite his somewhat controversial views on some political issues. 

10. Danny DeVito

Americans regard him as one of the funniest comic actors around, and 75% love him! 

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9. Dolly Parton 

Finally, the first female on this list comes in at a strong number nine! The incredibly talented Dolly Parton has 76% of Americans who love her and her music, making her the most famous country artist as well. 

8. Sandra Bullock

Without a doubt, Bullock has had a couple of tough times in the eyes of the public. However, many people love her for her strength, and her popularity rating is 77%. 

7. Samuel L. Jackson

Of course, everyone’s favorite F-word user made the list! 78% of Americans love this legendary actor and his iconic quotes. 

6. Harrison Ford

Thanks to his “Indiana Jones” success, Ford is one of the most popular celebrities in the country, with a 78% rating. 

5. Keanu Reeves 

Reeves has a reputation as one of the nicest Hollywood celebrities. Therefore, it is not a surprise that 79% of people love and adore him. 

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4. Denzel Washington 

Washington is one of the most talented actors alive and one of the most famous as well. 79% of Americans love him. 

3. Micheal J. Fox

This beloved actor has shared most of his personal struggles with the public and also has a foundation that helps people with Parkinson’s disease. 81% of America’s population loves him. 

2. Betty White

The late actress had many years onscreen, and people across different generations love her. To no one’s surprise, she ranks at number two on this list. 

1. Morgan Freeman 

Freeman is one of the strongest voices of our time, and many people love him. He ranks at number 1 with an 86% popularity score. However, this score was at 71% in 2018 after he was involved in some messy drama

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